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Friday, November 2, 2012

No wine November

So...I was trying to do a "No Wine November" because of the big event on Nov. 26th (little medical procedure)...

BUT I had a minor slip-up tonight. Let's just say that a room full of women asking stupid questions is not the best thing when you're on day 2 of not drinking.

I guess I should explain more. We are having a fun diet-esque competition at work based on the book "Game On". It's supposed to bring an element of fun to diet and fitness. There are some rules and regulations that go along with it, but again, it's supposed to be a fun take on the diet process. Fun...as in FUN. I had women raising their hands saying that they researched the suggested water intake (for points) and the Mayo Clinic actually says something different and that they had printed that out and left it at the desk for us to "look over"...another woman said that mayonnaise was not listed on the "do not eat" list and wanted to know if that was okay to eat.

Um...here's the deal, if you think that mayonnaise is an appropriate and healthy thing to eat when on a healthy eating plan then you're a moron. That said, if you feel that you deserve full meal points, then please be my guest but don't get upset that you don't reach your "goal" weight for the week. Also, if you feel more comfortable following what the Mayo Clinic says about water intake please follow that. I promise I won't take points away from that...notice there is not an M.D. after my name...just a PR and an MRS. (ha!)

Again, I repeat...this program is meant to be fun and instill some good habits to help you become healthier! If you're a rule follower and not a common-sense follower...this is not for you.

I will say that there were lots of women who were so great and had a sense of humor about the whole thing. They're open to this different take on weight-loss...they even laughed at my jokes! Bravo to those ladies...you rock and I can't wait for you to see results!

I get it...I'm just bitching about this because I'm super stressed right now and having some ladies asking me stupid questions put me right over the edge. I know some of you have been there...it happens. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to wake up with a better and more positive attitude.

Until then: CHEERS.