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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome Back J.Crew

Long week, so naturally I turned to a nice glass of wino and perused the new J.Crew catalogue!  Here are some of my favs:
Not a fan of the model but LOVE the fun leopard button down...how cute would that be with some lulu leggings, a long cardi and cute ballet flats for fall!

double strand necklace, yes please. (reminds me of the necklace Olivia Benson wears on Law and Order SVU)


so fun!

the perfect blue...almost a GATOR blue

love the whole look...wonder where she got those glasses.?

I know this doesn't look cute here, but imagine it with a fur vest, tights and high boots...Go Dartmouth!
Hope you all had a fabulous week...let's just say that I'm happy it's over!  Off to a wedding today (it's on a boat...can't wait to see how that goes:).
Happy Saturday Peeps.  Only a few more weekends until College Football 2011!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guess where I'm going...

Whit and I just got our tickets and I can't wait!!!! I've never done a blogger meet-up before and am so excited!  If you want to sign up just go here
all courtesy of Jillian of Cornflake Dreams!

Oh and btw, I'm really into twitter lately...you know, just in case you're wondering :)  @lteevens

happy hump day XO

Sunday, July 24, 2011

testing the waters...

So I am having a total cleaning-out moment here and have now cleaned out my closet of all things I haven't worn in 6 mo.  I'm going to put them for sale on ebay BUT before I do, I wanted to see if any of my lovies would like to purchase anything:  I have the following things available (pics to come)
-Lululemon sweatshirt
-Tom Ford and Kate Spade sunnies
-French Connection Long Tunic Sweater (striped)
-Elie Tahari black long trousers
-Ella Moss Tank with ruffles (gray)
-J.Crew dresses and sweaters
-Lacoste cashmere sweater
-J.Crew new heals (two colors, worn twice...maybe)

Email me with any questions etc. I'm on email all day: Lindsay.t.knittle@gmail.com

Let me know your thoughts on this...last time I tried this it didn't work out that well but I figured I have better stuff this time!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know, I know...cue Natalie Imbruglia (or however you spell her name).

But tell me this, do any of you ever feel like you're torn between who you are and who you want to be?  Here's where I'm at currently:
1. I'm torn over whether I want to be the girl who puts on makeup every day or the girl who gets up and rocks the makeup free face unless it's a special occasion (I'm a little of both!)
2. I'm torn over being the girl who wears all of her cute clothes or the girl who typically only dresses up for an occasion. (again...a little of both)
3. I'm torn over being the girl who's in constant communication with everyone or the girl who is a little less accessible but always there if you need her. (it's always good to be a little unplugged).
4. I'm torn over whether I want to make some serious moves to get ahead in my career or whether to stay where I am and focus on being happy there. The grass seems to be always greener.
5. I'm torn over whether to enjoy being married for a few more years or give in to some of the baby cravings I've been having lately (not pregnant now mom ;))
6. I'm torn over pulling away from the whole "football runs our family" lifestyle and letting myself take a step back or invest again and again because it's my family and what I've always done.
7. I'm torn over updating our house when it's currently on the market or I could just leave it be and put my energy into the new house when the time comes.
8. I'm torn over being the employee who is constantly available via phone or email versus being the employee who is dedicated while at work but once I leave, work stays behind. 
9. I'm torn over being perfectly accessorized or being perfectly plain. I have jewelry that I love but never seem to wear.  I should make more of an effort.
10.  I'm torn over whether to write this book on the life of a football coach's kid or just leave it for someone else better equipped to deal with any and all criticism that will inevitably come along with it.
11. (hate ending on 11 but what can you do!) I'm torn on whether to actually speak my mind (and potentially piss people off) or just keep quiet and do as I'm told (this is pretty much just at work)

sorry if I'm being a downer...i really am enjoying my vacation...I just have had plenty of time on the beach to think about all of these things.  do any of you feel like this ever?  It's hard!

Happy Hump Day Y'all! XO

On Vacation

Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm on VACAY Y'ALL!  Seriously though, with all the changes at work I really just needed a few days to sit around and not have to think about anything..which was nice for approx 2 hours then I started to think about everything going on at work etc.  Oh, well, I'm a work in progress.

anywhoo...here are 5 things that are going on down here:
1. Hubby and BT are fishing in the morning and evening...Kirtie and I drop them and the kayak off and head out to do whatever we want...yesterday it was Target!  (pics are up on twitter if you're so inclined)
2. I just started reading "Nanny Returns"...it's a "sequel" of sorts to the "Nanny Diaries". So far so good.
3. Lucy has been riding around the 'hood with me in her basket on the front of the pink cruiser bike...pics to come.
4. Wine hour comes early here...at around 4pm, when we leave the beach to drop the boys off.  It's great.  You know what else comes early here...bedtime.  Hubby and I are in bed by around 9pm (and by bed, I mean a full-sized bed...slightly squished but we are both to stubborn to get up and head to the bunk bed room).
5. My new nickname according to hubby is "honey badger" because apparently, unless things are going exactly my way, I don't give a s&*t.  Again...this is totally him and I completely disagree!

Okay, I'm sure I've bored you all enough.  Plus I really need to be getting back to my new obsession: Pinterest...who is on that. It's amazing and slightly addicting.  Follow me (and I'll follow you). Username: Lteevens

Oh- and if any of you don't follow PinkLouLou you MUST.  The most amazing thing happened to her yesterday...I'm super J!!!!!!

hope you all are well XO

Saturday, July 16, 2011

J.Lo and Marc Split

Did anyone see this coming...I know I didn't.  Read this article from People.com...it's pretty interesting (and actually informative, which isn't usually the case over there).  Click here to read.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just one thing

Have any of you seen this picture?
Now don't get me wrong...I like both of these ladies, but are they really wearing that to go running?  I mean seriously?  The double tank top perfectly pulled down, the huge shades and perfectly half-zipped "jacket"...really?  I think not.  I spoke with someone else about this and they were on my side...these two are faking it!

(note: If they really are running 4 miles like they claim then I'm really jealous that they can wear all that plus makeup and look that good...shame on me for putting up with shorts and sweats).

Moving on, I'm getting my hair colored on Friday (TGIF) and what better way to show off my newly blonded locks than with a style I've been coveting!...anyone know a good and easy way to achieve this look:

spare me the curling iron spiel...can't seem to make it work...I need something else (or possibly just a better way to use said curling iron).

Happy Humpday Luvies!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I just really liked this (found on pinterest...of which you have to be invited?!  so I just peruse)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend in pictures

 It was a great weekend...started off Friday night with a cocktail and some delic chicken parm at Stella's...followed by a (not super fun) mid-day 9 mile run along the river.  Saturday night consisted of more wine with a yummy burger and gelato, which brings us to Sunday, the day of all days.  We wake up, have mimosas with our bffs down the road, eat way too many pancakes then pack up snacks and beer and head to the lake where we spend the rest of the day enjoying watersports and beer.  The night ended perfectly with a delic homecooked meal of steak, summer squash and zucchini couscous and strawberry shortcake!  Perfection!

Oh, and I tried pearl nail polish (at the top)...thoughts?

I only had one major wipeout on the skiis...that's a good thing!

Hope you all had a fab weekend too! XOX

Big post coming later

At work now but get ready for a big post tonight....we had a busy weekend and I am SORE! Oh, and I waterskiied on one foot...happy Monday peeps.


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

too cute

Makes me want another little peanut for Lucy to play with...look at those faces! Hope you're all having a good Thursday so far...XO

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

I'm hoping that all of you have seen that video on youtube...if you haven't: click here to watch the HoneyBadger!

I may have to get that shirt now...especially since Olivia Wilde is wearing it...she's the bomb.com

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not much to say...

Casey Anthony:1
USA: 0

Not sure how you all are feeling about the Casey/Caylee Anthony case, but it breaks my heart to think that a mother can kill her little girl and NOT pay for it.

Back to more exciting news tomorrow...this whole acquittal has me at a loss for words.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Weekend!

So something a little new happened this morning...I was a productive member of society. Typically on weekends, I resemble a sloth.  I get up late, have some coffee and breakfast, maybe start laundry then maybe take a nap.

Not today.

Today I woke up at 7:15 with a pep in my step.  I went with hubby to drop off our smoker at a friends house for a party this afternoon...stopped in to say hi to his parent and drop off eggs, visited D&D for a doughnut :), then I sat and watched hubby take a waterski and lastly finished the morning up with a 7 mile run.

All before 11:30...yes Mom, you read that correctly.

Here's the beastly hill that we finished with (this hill seems never ending...it just goes and goes...0.7miles)...not fun.
I just thought the whole time I was running up it about how many more glasses of wine I could have :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!  I'm off to party...will send an OOTD later :) XO