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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy!

#1 dog site for dogs & bipeds!

You are growing up so fast! Happy 3rd (or in dog years 21st) Birthday!

I love you!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day People!

I hope everyone had a good day...this week seems to be flying by, which is always a good thing :)

I have a busy day tomorrow...you know, getting my hair done (maybe getting a feather...thoughts?!), working, running and cooking for a party on Saturday.  I'm thinking of making choc chip cookies, homemade salsa with chips and perhaps some tomato and mozzarella kabobs.  Anyone out there have any easy/fun summer recipes?

Back to the feather, I'm seriously thinking of getting a small one put in...something I could bring out for fun but also tie back if I wasn't digging it one day. 

Did anyone buy anything from the J.Crew sale online today? I'm a sucker and bought two shirts and a new striped dress...pics to come!

I want some feedback on recipes and hair feather please...kthanks.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Shoesday

I officially declare Tuesday Shoesday!

Here's what I'm currently drooling over:

Love that fun blue color at the bottom...seeing as I have to wear black every day I may need those puppies for a pop of color!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Mr. AT&T Man

Dear Mr. AT&T Man,

You suck.

All I wanted to do after work is talk to my bf whitney and you dropped my call not one, not two, NOT THREE but FOUR times.  That is not okay.  I realize that I live in New Hampshire (aka no man's land) but even we regularly have service.  I don't know if you are pitching a fit because NH has had such bad weather lately but that is NOT OKAY with me.

I'm about thisclose to switching over to Verizon...I guarantee they wouldn't have dropped my call that many times.

By the end of the "phone issue" session...I was cursing so loud that the Lu tried to hide under her bed in the front seat.
The second thing I'm currently having an issue with (sorry for the whining but I can't seem to control myself) is Ashley (or perhaps I should call her Asssley) on the Bachelorette.

So I missed the first portion of the show when Bentley came back, but I got back just in time to see her make a total fool of herself in front of all the guys.  She's a moron...she just made all of those guys hate her.  I mean, I wouldn't want to compete with a d-bag like Bentley...who openly made fun of Ashley and repeatedly said he was not attracted to her etc.!!!!

Newsflash Ashley- everyone wishes it was Emily on the bachelorette, not you!

Oh, god, now she's crying.  Pathetic live and in the flesh.

Signing off to watch the rest of this circus...oh look, didn't have to wait long...someone just left voluntarily because Ashley's also a d-bag.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random musings....

1. So the weather up here is not cooperating with my summer plans...the whole week has been 55 degrees and rainy.  Not cool...I need sun!
2. I need a pedicure badly but trimmed my toenails too short...now I have to wait! (sorry if that's TMI)
3. Speaking of pedicures...what's going on with the OPI "Shatter" stuff.  It reminds me of acid-wash jeans
4. Had to get a baby prezzie this week and found the cutest site EVER.  Serena and Lily...I may just have to have a bambino just so I can get my hands on their stuff!!!  TDF
 5. The Lu is driving me crazy...I have a terrible cold and all I want to do is lay in my bed, watch tv and read magazines and blogs.  The little punk/princess is all over me wanting to play with her damn ball...I feel like telling her that she isn't even playing with a real ball and that we have to buy her smaller one's because she's just a peanut. 

I swear, she's staring at me right now with the ball laying between her paws...CAN'T...WON'T...crap, I just threw the freaking ball...

Happy Saturday Peeps... XO

Thursday, June 23, 2011

weekly fav

reading @bachelorbashers tweets while watching the Bachelorette. I've literally been thisclose to peeing my pants.
Follow them on Monday nights...you won't be disappointed.

Bachelor Bashers

Bachelor Bashers

Bachelor Bashers

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Book

So I've been needing a new book and think I may have found just the one...problem is that it's not available for my iPad yet!

Here's a sneak peek for those of you on the lookout for a good summer read:

It's about a woman who finds herself lost and turned away from society and friends when her husband is accused and put in jail for creating a Ponzi Scheme (Ruth Madoff anyone?).  She reunites with a former best friend and heads to Nantucket for the summer...

Are you as excited as me?!

Monday, June 20, 2011


So my parents are getting ready to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary on June 21 (tomorrow!) and for some reason I've got jewelry on the brain!

Here's what I'm digging right now:

**All jewelry courtesy of Max & Chloe

Now supposedly, on the 30th anniversary, the husband is supposed to give the wife either a pearl (traditional) or a diamond (modern).  The problem is that Kirtie Birdie already has so much beautiful jewelry!

What to do...

Friday, June 17, 2011

long week...

got some stuff going on at work that I'm not psyched about....these quotes made me laugh and put things in perspective-

Be back soon XO

ps. I totally wish my friends houses were connected to mine through tunnels...how cool would that be (Whit...that would be sick).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loving my iPad

Thank you to matt for the sweet bday prezzie! I'm loving it!!!

Below is a not cute pic of me but shows my current position on the couch watching the bruins game/online shopping!!!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

turning 25...June 14

turning 25...

My new necessities.  Whoever thought that those would change from beer, the gators, frat parties and sundresses?  I'm in a place that I never pictured I'd be but guess what.  I'm happy.  Yes, I live about a stone's throw from the arctic but I have a husband I adore, a family that loves me no matter what, the cutest dog in the world and a job that gives me plenty of freedom (schedule flexibility plus I get to work out at work and get paid!).

Yes my new necessities include uggs and fleece but hello...NH ain't warm people!  It also includes a beautiful engagement ring (which symbolizes my marriage to mr. hubby...it's more about the symbol than the ring), a taste for wino that sometimes gets me in trouble (teehee) and a never ending need for bronzer (again I live in the north country...sun is scarce!).

[sidenote: the wine and kindle provide endless comfort/entertainment in the dead of winter]

Sometimes I need to look back and realize how lucky I am...these past few days I've been dreading turning 25 but I do recognize how lucky I am and I need to remember that in moments of weakness. (really the weakness comes from not having my girls with me to celebrate)... miss you all :)

Thank you to all who follow my little blog...I appreciate you all!

turning 25... by Lteevens featuring sheep boots

PS. I'm a day younger than the Olsen twins you know.....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Training Gear

So my training has officially begun for a Half-Marathon in August.  The bummer is that  it's been rainy and cold...so running outside hasn't been super fun.  I'm actually excited to be back training for something, it's nice to have a goal/event to look forward to.  I'm hoping to run this 1/2 marathon in 1 hour and 50 min.  It's a pretty hilly course so hill training will be key (and also brutal).

To get myself excited for training, I've been browsing my fav store: Lululemon in search of some fun new workout clothes, here's what I'm digging (oh and some cute shades from shopbop.com too)

Hope that you all had a good weekend...I had some great "wife lesson's" from Kirtie on how to keep a nice clean and organized house...and it was exhausting! XO

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go Gators

First off, Happy Thursday all! Is everyone looking forward to Friday!!!

Next, I had a really weird and incredibly offensive exchange today that really bummed me out.  Here's the background:

Two friends (co-workers) and I decided to try out Bikram (hot) Yoga.  There's a new studio open near us and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  We get there, there are only two other people in the class besides us, proceed to suffer through the class and finally all congregate with the teacher in the "cool-off" room/office.  That is when the exchange went down.  Here's the verbatim exchange between myself and another woman from class.

(woman to me):  Have you ever taken a hot yoga class before?

Me: Yes, I took some in CA and another one in Gainesville when I was in college.

Her: Oh, you went to UF (insert snarky face)?

Me: Yes I did...are you from FL? (trying to figure out connection bc most people don't know g-ville)

Her: Oh yeah, I'm from FL and my son really wants to go to UF, but I said absolutely not.  There's no way, he'd be what, 1 in 8,000 in a class.  Plus it's a huge party school...I'd never let him go there.

Me: (trying not to punch her in face) Oh well I loved going to school there.  It's really what you make it, I mean once you get into your college within the university, all of your classes are typically less than 14 people.  It's important to be self-motivated though, because there are those classes where you are in a large group.

Her: (not really listening and making a snotty face)...it's pretty much a party school...there's no way I would let him go.

Me:  I definitely partied when I went there but nothing like I've seen here at Dartmouth...I mean we partied at UF but the Dartmouth people party out of control.

Her: no comment.

I mean really?  Would you ever insult someone's school to their face?  I was appalled...this woman is pretty well-known in this area as a not super nice person, but she obviously has no manners either!

I actually was so bummed out by this that I tweeted it out and tagged Erin Andrews (a fellow Florida Journalism School Grad) who WROTE BACK TO ME! How cool is that!  Makes me want to find this lady and tell her to suck it!

All I have to say is this:  I love UF.  I had the best time there and met lifelong friends...I feel like I got an unbelievable education and wouldn't trade anything I got from that experience for the world. (not to mention that UF's Public Relations program is in the top 2 in the country)

Tell me this...have any of you been insulted to your face about anything like this?  Leave a comment...I want to know!

Oh yeah...most importantly: GO GATORS!!!!!
take that Jim Tressel

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

ABC's of me

Following in the fun footsteps of Sassypants and Polka dots, pearls and pink.... and doing an ABC list of myself!

A. Age: 25 in a few days....
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore you hate: Folding Laundry...love doing laundry but HATE folding it (especially fitted sheets, i mean, is that a joke)
D. Dogs:The Lu!!!! 

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee
F. Favorite color: Pink!
G. Gold or silver: currently it's gold...but I love layering both on my wrists
H. Height: 5'9 (would love to be a little shorter so I could wear heels...hubby isn't super tall)
I. Instruments you play: Um...does air guitar/drums count?
J. Job title: Marketing and Social Media Coordinator
K. Kids: Someday soon...but not too soon.
L. Live: New Hampshire.  Live Free or Die
M. Mom’s name: Kirsten but I call her Kirtie Birdie
N. Nicknames: (same at tuttlebug...) My (former) last name...it's quite catchy: TEEVENS
O. Overnight hospital stays: almost...but I left before midnight so I don't think that counts
P. Pet peeve: traffic/rude fans at games
Q. Quote: Keep Calm and Carry On
 R. Righty or Lefty: Lefty for writing, sports are righty
S. Siblings: A younger brother!
 T. Time you wake up: well my alarm goes off at 7:15 but I get out of bed at 7:45am
U. Underwear: Heck yes...no commando for me
V. Vegetables you dislike: beets and cauliflower
W. What makes you run late: Hubby
bachelor party shirt...haha
X. X-rays you’ve had: Does an MRI count?  If not then probably 5...I was clumsy as a kid (oh actually, I'm still clumsy)
Y. Yummy food you make: ooh...pasta with chicken/broccoli/pine nuts and choc. chip cookies
Z. Zoo animal favorite: leopards!

New Fav Purchase

Maxi Skirt from Free People! Can't wait to post a pic of me wearing it!!!!!  I'm thinking cute black racerback top, lots of bangles and wedges...thoughts?