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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lucy's new bag

Happy Week before Christmas...!

I was up in Burlington, VT this past weekend and went into the CUTEST store...if you're ever up there it's called Monelle, and it is right on Church Street.

I stopped in to see what was new and low and behold they were having a Kate Spade sale! It must have been fate!

Workout dog also happened to be with me...luckily...because a Kate Spade dog carrier caught my eye! And...It was on SALE!

Take a peek:

I am in LOVE with it, and more importantly, so is Lucy!

Although I must say, I took my time deciding on this purchase. I was with Matt so I saw it, tried it out, then left the store to think about it.

I thought about it for about 10 minutes before we went back in and Matt treated Lucy (and me!) to her new bag.

I am still coming up with more gift ideas so stay tuned...!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Tom Brady and wife Gisele finally named their baby: Benjamin. For how long it took them to decide, I was thinking it would be something creative. Don't get me wrong, I like the name Benjamin, but it was a letdown when I read that this morning on people.com.

Click HERE to read the article

If you had a baby boy tomorrow, what would you name it?

My top choices would be:
1. Jack
2. Carter

Let me know!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kelly Ripa Outs Anderson Cooper on LIVE!

I missed this part but apparently Kelly Ripa "outed" Anderson Cooper today on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly. Regis is out recovering from surgery so Anderson was filling in for him today.

Click HERE to see the clip

Also, If you are ever looking for a new "pop culture" site to visit, check out www.gawker.com

Monday, December 14, 2009

Great Finds

Okay, so this past weekend I went to Chicago! It was a great weekend full of lots of shopping, laughing and (maybe too much) drinking!

On my shopping expeditions I stumbled upon some great gift ideas, Check them out!

Don't you just LOVE kate spade.

Another one of my great finds also comes from Kate Spade...but it's a gift you can give yourself!

For those of you with poor vision (like me :( ) you know how expensive new glasses can be! Upwards of $400-! However, while browsing the reading glasses section at Bloomies, I stumbled upon some adorable reading glasses, for only $65. Then a thought came to me....why not buy those frames and have the optician put in the correct prescription lenses! It was my AHA! moment of month!

The frames I chose are similar to these:

try going to bloomingdales.com to check out a wider variety of styles.

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hamster in the City

As seen today on peoplepets.com

Click HERE to see the rest

just a mindless way to spend 5 minutes....


What would YOU wear...To meet the Queen

This is what Lady Gaga decided to wear.

photo courtesy of gawker.com


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Movie

The Holiday is one of my most favorite movies ever....I'm watching it right now while waiting for fiance to come home.

Here's a sneak peek...

Adorable (and inexpensive) gift

I was perusing the internet today and found these adorable 'gecko-print' bracelets. I love the colorful combinations and think they are just a fun accessory...and the at $25.00, the price is right!

To see more color options or to purchase click here and scroll down

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Holiday gift for your Mister

Boys are so hard to shop for...although I must say, I have the PERFECT gift this year for Fiance. I am pretty sure he's going to be obsessed with it!

However, I have found that you can never go wrong with a cute pair of boxer shorts...boys just seem to always needs new pairs!

Here are a few that are ADORABLE from J.Crew...

(Fiance if you're reading this...stop HERE or risk ruining one of your stocking stuffers)


I just can't resist a dog-loving man....

Christmas Outfits...

So I've been getting emails from an adorable dog-related Web site: www.trixieandpeanut.com. All of their stuff is TO DIE FOR

They have a lot of holiday outfits for dogs...I'm trying to decide which one is the funniest/will look good on Lucy.

Check them out and let me know:


OR (even though Lucy isn't Jewish, or a boy)

To check out the rest of the costumes or to look at the adorable collars and leashes click here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Cards!

Today's item: Christmas Cards!

I found the cutest Web site for Christmas cards. You can pick your design template (they have a million cute ones) then add your own text and/or photo.

just visit www.tinyprints.com to take a look at all of their designs. They also have more than just holiday cards so take a peek.

Here's one card that I seriously considered ordering before deciding on a different one...

You'll just have to wait and see which one I chose!

Happy Hump Day


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Basic

The L.L. Bean is my absolute favorite basic item to give/receive. It is one of those classic staples that never goes out of style, and better yet - they literally get better with age (softer, more flexible and "worn in").

I bring this item up because in honor of the holiday season, I will be listing my top gift choices for this year.

The classic L.L. Bean tote is good for any occasion: baby shower (fill with baby goodies), bridal shower (monogram with new initials), bridesmaids gifts, new home gift (a realtor friend of mine has these embroidered with the client's last name as a housewarming gift), new boat...it can really fit any situation, and, best of all...It's inexpensive!

L.L. Bean has even updated the line to add more options:
-New colors
-Designs (argyle anyone?)

For more pictures and choices visit www.llbean.com