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Monday, March 16, 2009


Yay! Spring is here....FINALLY!

It has been sooo beautiful here for the past two days...I have been outside constantly.  Poor workout dog is so tired she can barely stand up (right now she's passed out in her bed).

I just can't get over how happy the weather makes me-I can't stop smiling!  It was so nice this past weekend that workout dad and I ran a 5k road race...which was my idea but quickly became a TON more intense than any road race should be.  My goal was just to finish in under 30 min (for 3.1 miles)...but BT had other plans.  He was super intense and even wanted to warm up and stretch...I was like, "Dad, we are out here with people dressed up as leprechauns (it was a St. Patrick's day theme), I don't think I need to stretch, warm up or wear my pacing monitor etc."

Workout dad is all about times, how fast you can go, what your pace is etc.  I don't care one way or the other but usually just go along with whatever he wants...It's easier that way.  So on Saturday he asked me how fast I wanted to go and I told him that any time under 30 min would be fine with me.  He decided from there that we would run faster than that...our first mile was 7:15...not what I'm used to, but I figured I might as well just go with it (to make it easier for myself the rest of the day...he's more agreeable if you do what he wants first)...needless to say, he didn't let the pace drop so we ended up finishing in 22 minutes...he even convinced me to sprint past someone before the finish line (I felt like such a jerk but BT was loving that...loves any sort of competitive streak).

After that lovely and low-key run (NOT) we went to the irish pub for some beers!  We had a great time and ended up getting free beer glasses for doing the run...don't know what we will do with them, but they were cool at the time.

After that we just hung out for the rest of the day.  Sunday was a lazy day spent at home cleaning the garage (another favorite thing of workout dad's) and lounging around...although it was mostly me lounging and him cleaning...:)


Hope you all had a great weekend!  Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tough Workout

Hola...Happy Friday!

So yesterday I decided that I needed to step it up in the workout department.  I've been a little lax lately and decided that before my big trip this weekend (!) I would get one last strength session in.

I started off with 20 minutes on the Stairmaster followed by 10 minutes on the bike (changing positions and tension).  Both exercises were definitely leg-focused so I decided to continue to break my leg muscles down...so they can get toned!

Next I did  one-legged squats.  To do this, hold two dumbells (I use 15lbs in each hand), put one leg behind you and rest it on a bench.  Lower your body like a squat-making sure that you keep your upper body as vertical as you can. Try to keep your chest in line with your knee (it's a good guideline and will help you keep good form).  

10-12 Reps (depending on how much you can do) on each leg for 3 sets

In between the sets of squats you can either do a hamstring workout (getting a weighted bar and slowly lowering it to your toes and back) or you can do an ab exercise.

I did an abdominal exercise in between sets...and I am sore today!

Lay with a mat on the floor.  Take a medicine ball (I use 9lbs but they have all weights) and hold it above your head.  With your legs bent and your back flat on the floor, slowly raise the ball over your head until you come up to 90 degrees. (If you want to work your obliques-side abs-try raising the ball slightly to the left and right alternately).  The only thing to remember when doing this is to keep the ball above your head and make sure that your hips always remain on the floor....and avoid using momentum to raise the ball, you want to isolate your abdominals and momentum can render the exercise useless/ineffective.

Next, to complement the squats, I did weighted pliets...which I desribed a couple of posts ago...VERY EFFECTIVE, you can feel them the next day!  I do three sets of 10-12 while holding a 17.5 lb weight.

Lastly, I did some bicep curls on the bosu ball, followed by tricep dips on the bench.  

Curls on the Bosu...I put the "ball" part of the Bosu facing down and slowly stand on the flat part...I usually use 12 or 15lb weights and do 3 sets of 12.  Doing the curls on the Bosu is a great exercise because you are engaging not only your arms, but your whole core because you are trying to balance.

Tricep dips on the bench: put your feet out with your legs slightly bent (the more you bend your legs the easier it is) and your arms behind you.  Slowly lower your body until your arms are at 90 degrees.  Slowly push yourself back up and repeat!  Again, I try to to 12-15 reps for three sets.

Last bit of advice...Stretch!  I've read that stretching after each workout can help to lengthen and tone your muscles.

Enjoy your weekend!

I'm going to D.C. to see some best friends...I've been looking forward to the visit for months! I hate being away from all of my friends...we are all spread out all over the place...

Miss you all


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor


I cannot believe what happened last night.  Are you KIDDING me! Jason (the bachelor) dumped fiance (Melissa) on National TV and then had the nerve to tell Molly (the rejected woman) that he actually loves her!  It was better than any soap opera  I have ever seen!

Another thing that really bothered me was the amount of crying on the show...by Jason! What is his problem, why is he so emotional-I was embarrassed for him.  Workout dad came down and watched 5 min of the show with me and couldn't understand what his problem was....Even one of the anchors on GMA (we turned GMA on just because we wanted to see their segment on the bachelor...otherwise I am strictly a Today Show girl) said that her husband who is a Marine...called Jason something that couldn't be repeated  on air...

Also-if you were Molly, and you had been rejected on tv, would you take him back that easily?  I would have used that opportunity to say "SEE YOU LATER SUCKER!"  I really liked Molly too, she seemed like a confident girl who doesn't get jerked around by guys...maybe she's a sucker for tears.  My guess is that tonight on "after the final rose" part 2, she gets her act together and dumps him.  (or maybe Jason will propose...with the same ring no less...I can totally see that happening)...

I also really hope that they have Melissa back on the show...she was SOOOO mad, which made for great TV! (calling him a bastard....so great)!

Everyone watch the "After the Final Rose" episode 2 tonight...I want to hear what everyone thinks!