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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

I think I'm ready for fall...

because I just got this!!!!

um, I'm sorry but how perfect is that "not-so-perfect" ponytail...makes me think about going brunette (okay, done thinking)...
I also painted my nails this color for fall (I mean, it was 60 degrees this morning...enough for a thick lulu hoody)
What are your thoughts on fall being right around the corner...oh and BTW: College Football Starts in 5 Days!!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Supplies!

I forgot to mention that all the above cuteness (minus pens) came from www.themacbethcollection.com

Waiting on Irene

been hanging out inside all day...I've done laundry, made soup, folded laundry and painted my toes.  It's been raining since last night and shows no signs of stopping!

Will keep you posted...all I can say now is that our backyard creek looks like a white water rapid right now...maybe the chickens will take a joy ride!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A good Thursday thought...

This quote is perfect for me.  Sometimes I need to just take a deep breath and read it when I'm having a low moment:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So What Wednesday!

Before I proceed to SWW, here are a few things I'm drooling over from baublebar.com

Now on to SWW:
1. So what if i had a doughnut at 4pm for a snack...I loved every bite!
2. So what if Lucy peed in the bed last night...she doesn't like when kitty gets up there and messes with her territory (and I actually dig that she has enough sass to stand her ground...just like her momma!)
3. So what if am eating dinner on the couch while watching SATC...hubby is working in the barn and it's just so cozy inside!
4. So what if I fully intend on sleeping in (if 8:30am is considered sleeping in) tomorrow...I may even work from my bed!
5. So what if I still check out hubby's cute little butt.  I swear I still have a crush on him...
I mean how cute is that!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dartmouth Games Fall 2011

Showing some love

So after re-reading yesterdays post, I can see how some of you may think that I only have negative thoughts about the upcoming season...I don't at all. In fact, some of my very best memories have come from football season. It's a sport/season that I will love for the rest of my life...I live and learn from it every year and want to show you in pictures, what this life has meant to me (so far)....

Even after some rough times, seeing any one of these pictures can bring me back to a place of happiness. This sport has done more for my life than I will ever know...it's given me more opportunities than I can appreciate and for that I am eternally grateful. Everyone should be so lucky as to see the things that a college education and good mentoring can do for a young person...I've seen it firsthand and will never forget the amazing things I've seen.*

To my dad: I don't know how you do it, but you always do it with a smile on your face and endless confidence. If I can be half the optimist that you are, I know I'll be as successful as you.

To my mom: Again, I don't know how you do it, but if I am half as open-hearted, kind and stylish as you I'll be pumped. You rock and I love you.

*It's always hardest to remember the positive things. I've seen plenty of hard times in this profession/sport but I'm choosing here and now to remember and move forward with the good times. xo)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Schedule board!

-on the go...posted from my iPhone!

Football Season is Here Again

Today marks the first day of pre-season for BT.  He is now officially in work mode and will remain so until late December...and then resume again in January (for recruiting).

This time of year always makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because I do LOVE college football season.  I mean I have a countdown going on at the house leading up to the first CFB game this weekend BUT it also always stirs up some of the memories that make the season hard.

Last night, as I was creating the schedule board at home (photo coming soon) I was hit with the reality of the season.  There are a limited number of games and a seemingly unlimited number of expectations.  This will be BT's 6th year at back at the College on the Hill...people are wanting to see an Ivy League Championship Banner hung on the stadium.  The boosters have done their best, they've given a brand new office and meeting facility.  The boosters have also generously donated new field turf (a life saver during some punishing New England Fall/Winter weather) and this year, the new addition is lights.  No more having to start practice extra early and without a full team (who may still be in class) to make sure a full practice is had before the light fades!

The big green is seemingly well-equipped to dominate this season and I hope that they do.  I'm confident that they would NEVER go down without a fight, but there is that small voice in my head that asks "What if".

What if we don't win all the close games?  No one in this industry gives you credit for a close loss.  The only thing that matters is a big fat W next to that game.

What if the season doesn't go our way?  Will I have to have another stern lecture (slash screaming match) with a disgruntled and rude fan regarding their (usually inaccurate comments) about the coach or the players?  My poor husband had to see this version of me in action this past season...not pretty.

Don't get me wrong, I said before that I love football season and I do.  I just don't love the version of me that comes out during football season. It's a take-no-prisoners version of me.  In real life I'm a nice girl, I write thank-you notes on monogrammed stationary, I smile and say thank you to the woman who hands me my coffee, I help people with their groceries, I really am a nice person...but not if you mess with me, my family or more specifically my dad.  When that happens, and it typically does once or twice a year, I turn into the biggest B*** on the block.

Just imagine, you are sitting down watching your dad at work and someone begins to verbally assault the job he is doing.  Or better yet, they begin second-guessing all calls made and players used.  As if this man on the sideline hasn't spent countless hours in the office preparing for anything that might occur during the game.  As if this man hasn't spent time away from his family, missing school plays, school games, birthday parties, parent-teacher conferences...all so that he can hopefully one-up the other team on that Saturday.

When this happens, I will tend to sit and see if that person will stop.  I typically give them 15 min to get over it.  However, if it goes on longer than that...consider them dust.  I am not afraid to stand up and give them a piece of my mind. (as I have, on several occasions...much to the dismay of my mother and now, my hubby).

Again,  I have a love/hate relationship with the football season, but for now, it's back to LOVE.  I have some cute new green accessories to sport to the Dartmouth games, and some ADORABLE orange and blue options to wear while watching my Gators!  I started reading the newest Sports Illustrated that was all about the College Football Season and it made me so pumped...I immediately ran home and started playing my "fall football playlist" on my iPod while I made up the schedule board!

Hope this wasn't too much of a rant...Happy Monday Everyone!!! XO

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bedroom Hopes

Totally wanting to re-do my bedroom...here are some of my inspirations:

Get it?  Turquoise and pink...thinking light turquoise/aqua walls with bright white trim and magenta/pink print duvet.  Thoughts or suggestions?


Domestic monday

I've been busy tonight trying to be domestic! I made chicken enchiladas for dinner followed by loads of laundry and baking some choc chip cookies...now I'm in bed exhausted and folding hubby's laundry.

What did everyone else do this Monday?


Glad I'm home with this one though...

-on the go...posted from my iPhone!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So what Wednesday/thursday

So I was so pumped about "so what wednesday" that I forgot to post it! Granted a few girls and I were celebrating a friends new job/school and the wino was def flowing...

Here are my so what's for today and yesterday :)

So what if I had 2 bagels this morning....it was the only thing I could stomach

So what if I woke up to the song "the finer things"...and started singing right along

So what if I skipped my workout....to go get coffee, it was delic!

So what if I wore a baseball hat to work...I was having a bad hair day (and my roots are slightly showing)

So what if Lucy and I spooned all night...it was awesome (she's like a person)

So what if i already broke my "no wine today" promise

Happy thursday peeps! Xo

-on the go...posted from my iPhone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall Cravings

So I totally want a cute slightly slouchy leopard print sweater!  I have to wear black to work but think this could spice it up after! (top one is Free People and the bottom one is Vince)

Oh, and if anyone's looking for an AWESOME book to read...check this one out (I'm almost done with it and am loving every page!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy (belated) Anniversary to hubby!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Hubby! 
Or, as you said on your card:
"If our first year was a football season, we would have gone undefeated."

Matt: I love you.  You speak my language.

 Oh, and here's another something I wanted to say:
Happy Monday Y'all!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh yeah, I live in NH

Okay so our house was being shown today, so we had some time to kill this afternoon...we decided to hit up the NH Craft fair with Kirtie and BT.  Please forgive the amount of snark you are about to get, but this it literally what it looked like from above:
The amount of cars that were there made me think it was a Gator home game...people were literally parking so far away that they had to be bussed up to the fair.  Here are just a few of my observations (again, snarkiness is in high gear here)
  • Literally, if I saw any more pre-mature gray hair and bra-less women I was going to go out and start a booth that sells bras and hair color....it was not okay.
  • Again, if I saw any more colored glass earrings and molded silver jewelry to match old "celtic" symbols, I was pretty sure I'd puke up stained glass 
  • Why are people selling wooden toys for $249...not sure...guess no one else was either because no one got near that booth
  • If you were interested in decorating your house with quilted animals...this was the place.  You know, just in case you wanted an "aquatic but quilt-themed nursery"...you were totally in business here
  • Also saw lots and lots of blown glass...not sure where you'd put a football-sized glass blown pumpkin, but if you were in the market for that you were in the right spot. Oh, and if they didn't have one in the exact color you wanted, they could make you one to order...sweet.
  • Can I say again how many women there needed a bra and the name of a stylist...It's just not okay to wear a kaftan with hiking boots...even if you have the matching blown glass earrings and necklace!!
Okay, that's enough snark for now.  There were some beautiful pieces of art, just nothing that was my taste.

We later headed down to Sunapee Harbor (which is GORGEOUS), walked around and had some drinks overlooking the harbor, which was super fun!

Hope you all had fabulous weekends...can't wait to hear all about them! XOX

Saturday, August 6, 2011

bachelorette cupcakes

sorry...can't believe I forgot to show you what I made for the bachelorette finale:
guess it's a good thing I forgot to make Ben one :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Copy Lululemon much?

I love my skirts from Lulu so much...not sure how I feel about this Nike skirt (wannabe?)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Wednesday

So I'm going to take a page out of the Polka Dots Pearls and Pink Oh My!!! handbook and do a "so what" wednesday post...

Here we go:

So what if I had a million things to to at work but still managed to check twitter and download the Pinterest app on my iPhone

So what if I ate jolly ranchers all day...

So what if I have a to-do list a mile long and all I can think about is taking a nap...oh, and getting home to watch shark week with wine and hubby...

So what if I haven't gotten hubby an anniversary card yet...I'm just waiting to find the EXACT right one...or so I tell myself

So what if I got a bikini wax and almost cried during it today...you ladies know exactly what I'm talking about

So what if I have lucky charms for dinner.

I think that's all I've got for today...what were your "so what's" for today?

Oh- I wanted to thank everyone for the comments...I LOVE COMMENTS so keep it up lovies!


Must have for the new "school year"

I love a good planner...LOVE THEM.  Here's my current fav.  I'm slightly obsessed with it!

It's perfection.  I am in love.  You must buy one here: http://www.momagenda.com/

Happy hump day. XO

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bachelorette Recap

Holy Trashiness.  I'm going to attempt to rehash the Bachelorette Finale/Season in a few bullet points:
  • Ashley really likes to only wear 1-shouldered shirts or shirts with no backs
  • Apparently Ashley's sister is also related to Kat Von D 
  • Ashley like to chew her lip/play with her hair at least 40 times per episode
  • Ben got punked...why did she let him get down on one knee- NOT OKAY
  • We get it Ashley, you like to dance- especially with cropped shirts.
  • Everyone wanted it to be Emily...especially the cell-phone salesman
  • Did anyone have any doubts that it would be JP? Most obvious finale ever.
  • Ben looks like a caveman...but he totally rocked it with this line..."Nice Ring"...ouch!!!!
Speaking of rings...check this whopper out!

Not bad right?  But I'm wondering...if you were on the show, would you want the guy to get a free ring to give you or would you want him to buy it himself?  Just wondering...

Oh, and while we're on the subject of engagement rings, check out these celeb rocks.  Which one is your fav?

Love Vanessa's ring but I think Nick's ring is a little girly...thoughts?
Gorgeous...just like Molly.

Oh, and by the way, if you want some good laughs PLEASE check out @bachelorbashers on twitter. I was peeing my pants reading their comments last night.

Happy Tuesday Peeps!