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Friday, February 27, 2009

Adventures in Snowshoeing

Hello All!

So yesterday, in an effort to get out and enjoy the winter weather (and make the most of m last months at home) I went snowshoeing...yes, snowshoeing...it's very big up here.

It turns out, snowshoeing is quite the workout.  The scenery was very beautiful and I had great company.  I went with Amy, her two dogs Gus and Willet, her neighbors dog (aka Spawn of Satan) and workout dog.  Lots of dogs...but they love the snow! Oh if you could have seen them...they were just so happy running around and putting their faces in the snow...Adorable!

If only workout dog was a better sport...while all the other dogs were having a great time Lucy was hanging in the back and lagging behind. (perhaps she was embarrassed that she was the only one with boots and a coat on...)!  So after walking for about ten minutes and having to stop every so often to call to her to catch up I finally had to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way...(picture me carrying a dog against my chest in a makeshift "snugli")...very pathetic sight. Check her out...can you see her in my vest?!  

In her defense, the "spawn" (Amy's neighbor's puppy) didn't play very nice with workout dog.  He must have thought she was some sort of live toy. He kept beating her with his paws and trying to trample her...had I been in her shoes (or boots!) I probably would have wanted to be carried too.  She totally rode the rest of the way in style...although twice we had to stop and "adjust" her because her boots would stick out the bottom of my vest and she would start slipping!

Check her out...Pathetic!


When we finally got to the end and all of the other dogs were in the car...workout dog decided that she wanted to run around.  That's right...she ran all around and I had to chase her down...NOT COOL....what a little devil.

Needless to say, workout dog will not be invited to snow shoe again. Her loss! I'm going again on Sunday!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold Weather Stinks

Can I just tell you how tired I am of cold weather.  It's almost March...I haven't seen grass in FOREVER!

I am so freaking tired of wearing the same brown L.L.Bean coat every day (but it's the warmest one I have!)...I even got in a fight (gasp) with workout Mom because I bought a new fleece.  (she said I didn't need it and I finally cracked...I told her that YES I DO need that new fleece, because if I have to keep wearing my freaking brown coat I was going to light my hair on fire!

She must have realized that she had opened up a can of worms that she did NOT want to deal with because she just nodded and walked out without any sort of response.  

It's been two weeks since that incident and I mellowed a little bit about the cold...until Monday. Monday would be the day where we got 9" of snow. Yes, 9"...almost a foot!  Usually we use workout mom's car, but since her big car is in the shop-we are using my little VW Passat.  Mind you, there was 9" of snow on my car...when I walked outside the only thing I could see was the tires-Everything else was COVERED in snow.

It took me 30 min to dig my car out.  Imagine me, a person who hates snow, digging out my car in 15 degree weather.  I got madder and madder by the second.  By the end I was hacking my car with the snow-removal brush like it was a punching bag. (I'm sorry for that now, sorry car)

Let's just say that me and snow are in a little bit of a feud right now.

Okay, I'm done venting about the weather.

Now, on a lighter note...Guess who got some snow boots-Workout Dog!

check her out:


ahhh! I wish that I had taken a video of her running around in her boots!  She was a little wobbly at first but then ran around like it was nothing.  The only thing about the boots is that they make a "Thump" noise whenever she walks...you can hear her little feet walking on the pavement (I couldn't stop laughing for like an hour)

*sidenote* the adorable dog in the picture next to Lucy is her boyfriend Gus! (and yes, they are very happy together).

I'll try to take a video of her in the boots tomorrow!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The funny thing about small dogs.

Happy Sunday!  Are any of you sore from the workout I listed on Friday...I definitely am...especially in my back and shoulders.

Someone I know who isn't sore...workout dog.  She has had a great weekend of leisure (as opposed to her weeks of leisure).  She pretty much goes from room to room to lay in her beds (yes bedS...plural, this little chick has a bed in almost every room).  One thing about workout dog that has me thinking (besides her penchant for undies...little sicko) is her size.  When I got her the breeder said that she would be on the small side, as in 15-18lbs...Cavaliers are typically 20-25lbs.  

Workout dog is now tipping the scales at 10lbs (she's 8 months old). Now, I am no dog expert, but I'm pretty sure that dogs don't grow much past age one...and five lbs. on a small dog would be like a human gaining 60lbs-or at least that is how I picture it.  You would think that with all the money I plunked down for my little bundle of joy, they would have told me that she would be a MINI-as in she is tiny! I had someone ask me if she was a teacup puppy-to which my friend Amy said, "yes, she is a teacup Bernese Mountain Dog.." (snicker snicker).

Not that I have anything against little dogs...I think that they are adorable.  It's just that I would have liked a little warning that my companion will never be able to jump onto the couch without help, or never be able to climb on my bed and comfort me if I'm sad.  No, now I have to lift her up at her whim and  put her down when she's tired of sitting with me. 

Another funny thing about small dogs is that sometimes those suckers just slip right by you.  Sometimes I'll be in the bathroom brushing my teeth etc. and I will catch a glimpse of her on her cute little bed just resting.  I think, "she is so good, I love her"...I turn my head for a second to finish whatever I'm doing...turn to look at her again and BAM...she's gone.  I then look around the room only to realize that she is sitting 2 steps from me just gazing up at me.  Because she is a dog (and really cute) I don't mind it that much, but if she were anyone else I would think she was totally creepy.

Another fun thing about her evasiveness is that she can get out without me noticing! Yesterday I opened the front door quickly to feel the temperature...the door was literally open for 3 seconds.  I shut the door and looked around for workout dog...that sneaky thing had managed to slip right by me and was playing in the snow.  Playing in the snow may sound innocent enough, but with small dogs there are two things to worry about with snow;
1. Are they warm enough...workout dog gets very chilly without her coat, so I have to make sure to keep the shivers at bay by dressing her accordingly (on warm days she can get away with just a little t-shirt...)
2. How high is the snow. If the snow it too high small dogs can get stuck...I know this because it happened to workout dog earlier this year.  I let her out to potty by herself while I warmed up my coffee inside in my pajamas...a couple of minutes go by and I realize that I haven't heard her scratching at the door to come in.  I look outside and sure enough, I hear a little whimper coming from a couple feet outside the door.  Workout dog had climbed into a snowbank and coudn't get out! (I had to run out in my pj's to quickly rescue her!)

I must say that for all the funny/annoying things that can happen with small dogs, it doesn't get any better than one of them curling up on your lap and falling asleep while you're typing...big dogs certainly have that against them.

I hope that you are all going to watch the Oscars tonight! I will be curled up on my couch with a certain alleged "mini" dog happily snoozing on my lap.

xoxo workout girl (newly minted small dog owner/lover)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Workout

Hi All!

Hope that you are all having a great Friday...

Here are some great workouts that I tested out today and really liked!

1. Assisted pull ups...Most gyms should have a machine that where you can adjust the weight (I take off around 15lbs but you can play with the dials and figure out what works for you(if you can't do a pull up with your full weight...I can't)

2. Assisted Dips...same thing, you can adjust the percentage of weight you are actually lifting.  The only thing to remember is to lower your body all the way down until your arms bends at 90 degrees.

For both exercise I recommend doing 10-12 reps.

3. Center "pliet" with  15lb weight.  To do this start with feet shoulder width apart and feet facing outwards.  Then, while keeping shoulders back, bend your legs and slowly lower your body into a squat position (to make this exercise more difficult you can add a calf raise while lowering into the squat position)
-This is a great leg workout...works your quads and the inside thigh (bonus!)

4. Leg-ups...scientific name i know...Do this exercise by stepping up onto a bench or "step" (the height is up to you, but keep in mind that you will get a better workout the higher the step).  Lead with one leg for 10 then switch to leading with the other leg of 10 reps.

I alternated the pliet's and leg-ups (doing three sets of reps on each.)

Lastly I ended with an abdominal exercise on the bench. (lay down on the bench with your hands behind your head..slowly lower your legs until they are even with the bench then bring them back up and lift your hips off the bench....slowly lower and repeat)

Let me know if any of you have questions! Happy workout


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long time no talk...

Hello out there...what has everyone been up to? I have been trying to stay busy looking for a job!  Yes, a real job where my boss isn't my dad...any suggestions?

Apparently Dartmouth finally figured me out...they said that with all the budget cuts they couldn't pay me anymore to sit around and answer the phone (please, we all knew that was coming).  However, they made sure to tell me that I could come into the office any time I want and work for free!  Ha ha, yeah right-even I am not that desperate!  

So now my job hunt continues...I have a little bit of fire under me for this new job hunt because I have no more disposable income coming my way and I think that the parental units are about ready to have me move on and up...I got that feeling when they told me they were going to be moving my bed to the new house in FL and that from now on I will be sleeping in the guest room.  Talk about pulling the "rug" out from under me...if I had a rug in my room that might be gone as well!

Now my days are filled with searching the web for job leads, writing and tweaking coverletters and resumes and trying to bleed BT dry of all his potential contacts.  I know, I'm living the life!

Not that I have no time for some fun, last night (after a minor time confusion) I went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was fantastic...I have developed a crush on Luke Brandon (aka Hugh Dancy, aka Claire Danes' fiance), he is absolutely delicious! 

Hope everyone has a great day!  

xoxo workout girl (ha ha...like gossip girl! I crack myself up!)

p.s. no workout tip today-sorry!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine?

Can I just say how happy I am that Valentine's Day is on a Saturday.  I am so freaking pumped that I don't have to see all the happy "coupled" people getting all of their stupid Valentine's Day crap (don't get me wrong, last Valentine's Day when I had a significant other I was psyched for it, coudn't wait for V-day)...this year however, I am happy to see it go.  I don't need to see all the flowers on desks etc.  If I never see a single red rose again I'll be happy...

However-I will say that workout mom has always made Valentine's Day a fun and special holiday (ever since I was little)...we have decorations, cards and always get some cute little prezzies (this year I got an adorable tank top with bow from J.Crew-coincidentally very similar to the one I got her for v-day...like mother like daughter I suppose), she definitely makes the most of Valentine's Day.  I can remember opening my lunch box to find an entire Valentine-themed lunch and there were the times when she would order little monogrammed paper bags that said, 
"happy valentine's day love, lindsay" 
for me to fill with candy and pass out to my class...so adorable!

This year for my valentines I sent out cards to my love friends and handed out nerds (the candy) Valentine's to people at worky.  I also got workout dog a cute t-shirt that she is sporting right now!

here...isn't she precious (she even has her valentine's collar on)
I hope everyone has a very happy v-day-whatever you are doing...xoxo

P.S. I have some funny relatives in town (4 kids under age 7) who are trying to hold workout dog hostage...she has been hiding from them all day...more on that later!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


FYI...I just discovered twitter (well actually my friend Jenna did and then told me about it)!

The thing is-I don't really know how to do it.  Is there a twitter code or etiquette?  What are the rules...or are there no rules?!  

I guess I'll just have to slowly figure it out...let me know if you have any twitter tips!

(Oh, and my name on twitter is lteevens)

Great Arm Workouts...

So my little friend "bride-to-be" was looking for some tips on getting toned and in shape (especially her arms) for her upcoming nuptials (which I'm totally psyched for)...I gave her some ideas and then realized that maybe some other people might want to hear these ideas too!

Here they are:

Cardio: Spinning v. the Stairmaster
-The stairmaster is different than spinning because it keeps you in a "fat burning" mode rather than a purely cardiovascular mode.  It keeps your heart rate down so that you are burning fat more effectively...high intensity cardio like spinning or running keeps your heart rate up so that you are improving your cardiovascular endurance but not necessarily burning fat.
-A great exercise that does both is alternating running and walking on the treadmill.  Make sure to have at least a 1percent incline on the treadmill (otherwise it is an unrealistic flat road the whole time)...start by warming up then run for 5-7 minutes at a relatively rigorous pace followed by 3 minutes of fast walking...repeat the pattern for at least 30 minutes!
    *You can also try walking at a steep incline (6+) with handweights for 30-35 minutes (works your upper and lower body...bonus!)

Arm Toning exercises:
1. bicep curls: simple, straightforward and effective.  Try doing one set with arms regular, one with arms out to the side at and angle and the last set holding the dumbells like cans of soda (up and down)...these three slight differences will help to tone your biceps by using slightly different parts of the muscle...the trick is to keep your body guessing, that way it will work hard rather than simply falling into a routine where muscles can become 'lazy'.
-If you think you need to change something up, try a heavier weight.
2. Dips: legs out, arms supporting you...bring your arms down to 90 degrees then slowly bring them back up...great triceps exercise because it engages your core as well as your triceps.
3. One arm shoulder press:  Stand with feet shoulder width apart, one arm by your side and the other out to the side above your head with a 10-12lb weight.  Bring arm down to 90 degree angle then slowly push back up...try to do 10-12 reps per arm.
4. Bent over rows (10-12lb weight with 12 reps)...kneel with one knee on the bench and the other leg out to the side.  Place one hand on the bench and with the other bring the weight up to 90 degrees then back down (make sure your back is flat and your shoulders are square to the bench)

Also: push ups are great for arms...try to do them sporadically throughout the week...I like to do them while my shower is heating up (I try to do 10-15)

Another great arm exercise is the chest press on the balance ball because it works your core, arms, shoulder and chest!  (The best exercises are the ones that engage more than one muscle group!...2 for 1...always a winner)

Stretching:  Stretching after workouts is important for your muscles and can also help to lengthen and tone them as well...by stretching every day (even on days when you don't workout) you can help develop leaner looking muscles.

Lastly: I like to do weights twice a week...you can do up to three but I wouldn't do any more than that because your body needs time to recover.  The other days I try to mix up the cardio...spinning one day, the stairmaster, running/walking etc.  I also like to dedicate one day to be a "slow day"...usually a Saturday or Sunday where the only workout I do is take workout dog for a long walk.

Enjoy and let me know how you like these workouts!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a Dogs Life

Did anyone watch the Westminster Dog Show last night?  I only managed to catch a few minutes but did get to see the all of the "workout dog dogs"...so did she.  Actually workout dog had a great time growling at all the dogs except for the two that looked like her...those two she wagged her tail at and barked?! (apparently she's a little narcissist)

Anyways, I woke up this morning to see that the winner was Stump! He's the oldest dog ever to win the show (10 years old...I can't even say what I was doing at ten-probably thinking boys were gross-definitely not winning big stuff like that!!!). The old guy managed to beat out nearly a thousand other dogs to take home the title.  

Another amazing fact about little Stump is that he nearly died a few years ago...he had to be rushed to the hospital and put on some sort of ventilator.  Nevertheless he made a miraculous comeback and last night won Westminster (what a comeback kid, he's like the Lance Armstrong of dogs)

According to Stumps' owner, he now gets to live the rest of his life in pure luxury; case in point-he rode home to Michigan in first class seats (do you think he got Champagne to celebrate?)! Hopefully Stumps will enjoy retirement and have a long happy rest of his life.

I am now wondering whether or not Stumps made some money from this big win?  I know a certain 9 lb bitch (ha ha get it) who loves her some older men...could be fate!

Here's the handsome boy...what a doll!

Here is another pic that I thought merited some space on the page...
What a little prince...I didn't dare show workout dog this picture for fear that she would make me blow dry her hair after baths too.

..As for the workout tip for today...take the day off.  Every once in a while your muscles need a break and by taking time off you give them time to recover so that the next time you workout they will be more effective! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Spinning Tip!

I found this article online just now and found it to be helpful...check it out!

www.shape.com >> Articles - How to Spin Like a Pro

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So I May Lose My Job...

Ok, that title was depressing but I'm just being realistic.  Dartmouth has to "trim" its budget by $72 million dollars by June of 2011 to help compensate for the $700 million dollar endowment loss (Thank you Valley News...you have proved yourself useful for more than just lining the recycle bin)

Because of this loss the College has to find ways to eliminate costs etc.  So far they are laying off around 60 employees and cutting way back on spending (aka: I am not allowed to order any more pink post-it notes-or anything else fun from the Staples catalogue).

As some of you know...I work from 9-3 Monday through Friday (unless I have something better to do like go to spinning with workout mom or get my hair cut or walk workout dog etc.)  Bottom line: I get paid to sit at the front desk and answer the phone.  Not to say that I'm unproductive...I am online at work doing random tasks for my boss (aka dad) as well as applying for jobs and staying up to date on current events (people.com and perezhilton.com).  I also keep BT's calendar and help manage his email...so yes, I do serve some sort of purpose.

Nevertheless, I fear that my days of killing time between workouts and lattes may be coming to an end.  I don't know how much longer it's going to be until people realize that I don't serve that big of a purpose...I do however think that should I "leave", people would miss my humor and ability to cheer up BT (that takes serious skill and finesse).

I just really hope that the economy turns around soon so that I can get a real job.  I think I would be great at a real job!  I'm very organized, upbeat and a quick learner. (that was my plea for a job...and that's all your getting...)

So, for now I will resume my usual routine of perusing the Internet (which has been down at home...hence the lack of recent posts) and waiting for someone to email or call me to tell me that the love of my life is going to sweep me off my feet and marry me...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Red Hot Incident

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it.  Red hots are the devil's candy.  They look all cute and innocent in their little pink package-some are even heart shaped...but once you start to really enjoy them BAMMM...they burn your tongue.  I'm serious, last week I had a lot of red hots when I was at work and before I knew it I couldn't feel my tongue.  I think that I literally burned the taste buds off of my tongue.

I know...it sounds crazy...but it took a few days for my taste buds to recover.  My tongue was burned by those little suckers!  

Moral of Story: BEWARE when buying red hots for your Valentine...you are much better off with conversation hearts or, my personal favorite, Valentine's nerds, oh yeah or chocolate I guess (I'm not really a chocolate person)

Now that the red hot incident (which will now be referred to as RHI) is over I can give a little workout advice for tuesday/wednesday...since I didn't write anything yesterday!

Ladies and Ladies, I would like to introduce you to....The Stairmaster 
*Believe me, I hate it just as much as you all probably do...I dread Stairmaster workout days...but it is a great workout that works different muscles than running or the elliptical (which gives a false calorie count btw)

What I do: I typically use the Stairmaster at least once a week for 30-35 minutes.  I put it on the "fat burning" workout and use level 11.  I have found this setting to be the most comprehensive...it varies your pace, resistance and distance of climbs.  It is also a good toning workout for your legs!

Now I know that 30 min seems like a long time on this machine, but I am going to let you in on a little secret that helps me get through the workouts in what seems like no time (yes I'm serious)

Secret of the Stairmaster: 
Have 30 minutes of good music on your iPod AND (most importantly) have reading material...either a book or magazine, just something to keep your mind focused on something besides the time on the screen.  Most of the machines I have used have a handy little book shelf right under the screen that holds your book in place!  If you do this simple thing I guarantee your workout will go by much faster and you will be very happy with the results at the end!

Now...to leave you with a cute picture of workout dog (who has become my sidekick and now likes to sit on my lap as I type)

FYI: Today it was a balmy 0 degrees when I walked to my orthodontist appointment (I'm using Invisalign..)...needless to say, I will be inside for the rest of the day!


Monday, February 2, 2009

To Bootie or Not to Bootie...

Today I am faced with a pretty big decision...do I buy workout dog some booties?!...This may sound funny to warm weather peeps, but up here in the frozen arctic it gets a little too chilly for workout dogs' tiny feet.  I realized this when she began doing a little "chilly dance" of sorts.

The "chilly dance" consists of workout dog wiggling around and alternately lifting up one of her legs (she tries to lift them all up at the same time but seems to have finally figured out that that doesn't work)...it's really a pathetic sight...must get some video to show what I'm talking about.

Another reason I'm considering doggie booties is because the salt that gets spread on the sidewalks (to do something with ice...I'm a little unsure of the purpose-I'm a complete winter virgin)..anyways, the aforementioned ice and salt get caught in workout dogs' little paws and causes her pain.  I know whenever she's stepped in too much salt because she refuses to walk and starts doing the chilly dance, which means that I have to pick her up and carry her back home (her little paws get my coat VERY dirty...not cool)

It seems that I have no choice but to get her some booties...hopefully there will be some cute options (I'm very big on cuteness, probably because there is a serious lack of it way up here in no-man's land...aka NH)

Here's an example of some booties...
  By the way...workout dog is barking at this picture as I am typing...she must not like this style...


Spinning is one of my favorite workouts...it kicks my butt every time, it is also relatively low-impact, which is great if you have an injury or just want to give your joints a break.

If you don't have time to take a spinning class you can always hit up the gym and do your own spinning workout.

Here's a few suggestions to get your heart pumping (and burn more calories)!
1. Make sure to get a good warm up (3-5 minutes should do it...think of it as the length of a song on your iPod)
2. Alternate between high speed/low resistance and low(er) speed/high resistance.  
3. Try interval training...say you are doing high resistance/low speed...start at a moderate amount of resistance and up it every 40-45 seconds...up the resistance at least 3 times...(using a longer song helps...when a song cuts off in the middle of an interval it always breaks my concentration)
4. Move your hands around, that is, don't stay in the same place.  Get rid of boredom by moving around on the bike.  
1st position= sitting regularly on the bike
2nd position= standing up straight but using the handlebars only for balance
3rd position= hunched over with your back straight and your butt hovering over the seat
*each position will enable you to focus on certain specific body parts (while also changing up the workout to prevent boredom)
5. When pedaling for speed, make sure to put enough resistance on your bike-otherwise it's very bad for your knees!

Happy Workout!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

You know you live in New Hampshire when...

1. You are excited to see double digit temperatures
2. Layering becomes an art form
3. Death by icicle seems like a very real possibility
4. You are the only person in town with blonde hair and believes in using a straightener
5. You are familiar with the "Ugg shuffle"...the sound that everyone makes while wearing them...
6. Women have more body hair than some men
7. People look at you funny when you bust out your own coozie at a bar
8. Said bars close at 12:30
9. The biggest story in the newspaper talks about ice fishing...yes, ICE FISHING...are you freaking kidding me...where's the story about oh I don't know, the SUPER BOWL???!!!!
10. You master "upper valley chic"...jeans, boots and some sort of fleece...
11. Dogs outnumber people
12. The saleswoman looks at you funny when you ask a question about bronzer (you then find yourself giving her a lesson in the art of bronzer)
13. Everyone and their mother drives a Subaru
14. You can buy natural or organic anything...including toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, cleaning products, water bottles...believe me when I say everything...
15. You cannot locate a Starbucks for the life of you
16. Grocery workers send you outside to get your reusable grocery bags (One actually gave me a dirty look when I said I didn't have any...needless to say I was quickly suckered into buying 4)
17. LL Bean wearers outnumber J.Crew wearers...at least 20:1 (me being the one)
18. People look at you funny if you wear a dress...or heels...or...God forbid-BOTH!
19. You ask for sweet tea and they bring you tea and a side of sweet-and-low...NOT THE SAME
20. Bars close at 12:30...did I mention that already?...that one really gets me...
21. PerezHilton.com is a foreign concept...as is personal hygeine...
22. No one values a great tan