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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big things are happening

Well...sort of.  I got a job offer of sorts today-to be a Nanny.  Yes, you read that right, someone who I had previously interviewed with emailed me to see if I would be interested in being a Nanny for her two children.  All I can say is that she must be pretty desperate to ask me to take care of her children...I mean, I'm okay with kids but they freak me out a little bit.

I thought that signing up to be a substitute teacher was bad...now someone's asking me to take care of children for days, seems ludicrous if you ask me...I'm in no way qualified to care for anyone younger than the age of 21 (excluding workout dog...but sometimes I need help watching her too...last night that little bugger ate an entire reese's peanut butter egg...foil and all).

Speaking of substitute teaching, I have yet to be called to come in...I think that I may be blacklisted (could be because I spend many nights out drinking wine and teachers have seen me and decided not to ask for me...I wouldn't blame them for that)...

Okay, must run...going to the Dentist...have to bring flowers because workout dad stood them up yesterday AFTER asking them to come in at 7am so that he would be at work on time...not good press for the fam.

Last thing...my new obsession is Love Quotes Scarves...check them out!


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