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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Things I learned from my Mom

1. Love is unconditional
2. A smile and a kind word go a long way
3. Always write thank you notes
4. Give gifts and notes because YOU want to, not because you want a reaction
5. Always wear earrings, they are the exclamation point on your face!
6. When in doubt, less is more
7. White wine goes with chicken, red goes with pizza :)
8. Always say please and thank you
9. Wrap your presents, it shows you care (oh, and use cute wrapping paper)
10. Appreciate what you have

I hope that everyone has a great Mother's Day!

Love you Kirtie-


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  1. Hey chica - I absolutely loved this post about your amazing Mother. She is such an inspiration. Plus you two are SO adorable in that pic. xoxo