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Dance like the photo's not tagged, love like you've never been unfriended, tweet like nobody's following

Monday, October 8, 2012

Brenda's back

Okay, I know I haven't been on here in a while but I have had a serious lack of things to post. I have some new house pics but want to make sure things are in "just the right place" before I put them up.  Not that this post is super fab but I thought I'd let you know that my alter-ego 'Brenda' reared up today...not quite sure what set her off...

Here's a few things that Brenda wants to get off her chest
1. Warning: If you continue to post stupid shit like how far you ran and what you had for lunch on Facebook I may de-friend you. You may also be de-friended if you post more than 1 time per half hour...again, about shit no one cares about (i.e. your children's potty training issues)...save it for your mom or girlfriends...I just want to look at pictures.

2. Pinterest is really making me feel inadequate...I mean who comes up with some of this stuff. I feel like a completely  non-creative  failure.

3. Don't talk to me (or Brenda) about college football unless you're ready to back it up. I'm really not into arguing about why Penn State is sub-par right now or just how many college games you've been to...it's not a contest (although if it was I would totally win). Bottom line, don't coax Brenda into an argument...she's a nasty biotch.

Okay it's back to wine and Real Housewives for me...there's no college football on tonight. XO


  1. Brenda you are awesome! I love it when you come to play... Hope to see the imperfect perfect kitchen photos soon! xoxo

  2. Hi Lindsay! I just found you through Google and was excited that your from NH too :) Although I've always lived here, boring lol.

    I'm your newest GFC follower :)


  3. Could not agree with you more about Facebook! I've actually started liking instagram WAYY more because you choose you want to follow, and it's all pics, which, in all honesty, is all I care about.

    Love you!