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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy New Year!

Long time no talk...I've been laying low since the end of November, but now I'm back! No to be too candid, but I was in a tough spot physically (brain surgery will do that to you) and my confidence was down.

I started back at work in the beginning in January and the confidence went down again. Coming back from a surgery like that immediately makes people uncomfortable...people tend to tip-toe around you so as not to "overwhelm" you. Let me tell you, this does not do anything for confidence...it makes you feel like a freaking invalid.

You know what makes you feel even worse...having people tell you that you "just weren't quite yourself" right before you left for surgery...duh. Would you have your stuff together if you were going in for that kind of thing?

After a few days back I spoke with someone at work about how I was feeling and got a different response than I expected...please tell me more about how I screwed up and dropped the ball towards the end. Talk about kicking a girl when she's down,

Long story short, I decided that it was time (probably a little past time) to move on from this job (which was my first 'big girl' job) and find something that makes me happy and feel good.

I have a few things that I'm pursuing and will write about them when there's more to tell! Until then I'm going to read this lovely quote (from a favorite movie) over and over...


  1. you IS kind. you IS smart. you IS important. you IS my bestie.

    love you and so proud!!


  2. Glad you left those dill holes behind! Such a big step, you go girl!


  3. LOVE this post pretty girl and SO excited you got yourself away from that negativity! Time to move on and upward! Love you!