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Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby it's cold outside....

Wow today is chilly...currently it is 10(!) outside. Poor workout dog had to wait until I shoveled her a place outside to use the restroom.

As per usual on chilly days, I will be working out inside today...something that I am getting VERY tired of...spring weather where are you! Anyways...here is my workout for today (in case anyone wants a good Friday workout)

Warm-up...Run 1 mile on treadmill...level 6.5

1. Lunges: alternate legs while simultaneously doing bicep curls (20 total, should be ten each leg/arm)...3 sets
2. Dips...using a machine that allows for resistance adjustment (do 12-15 reps)
3.Take a minute break in between sets
4. Squats (12 with a 45 lb weight)
5. Hamstring/lower back: hold on to bar with feet about shoulder width apart and slowly bend down (while keeping legs slightly bent) and bring bar back up to standing...(bar should go from your waist to your feet and back, no higher)
6. Take a minute break in between sets (3 sets of each exercise)

1. Bicep curls (done with lunges)
2. Triceps (done with lunges)
3. Overhead press...take dumbells and push above head (12 reps)
4. Rows (bend one leg on bench while other leg supports body...go from arm down to 90-degrees and repeat)

Throw-downs or sit ups on ball...
(3 sets of 50)

Stretch and relax!!!!!

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