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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow and Ice are my Bitch...

So check this out...some genius people invented a contraption that you can put on your shoes that enable you to walk through slippery snow and ice.  They are the greatest thing invented for winter (besides coats and mittens).  I walked workout dog today without busting my face on the sidewalk! 

-Note...even if I had taken a tumble on the ice I probably would not have felt it because my face was completely numb...yeah, it's that cold here.  I couldn't feel my face for about 10 min. after I got back inside...If you ever wanted to get a facial piercing I would highly suggest coming to Hanover and walking outside for five minutes before you get it (you wouldn't feel a thing).

Here's a pic of the YakTrax...

 I also had a very interesting workout this morning.  Workout mom took me to a class called "Body Combat"... I don't know what I was expecting but it was definitely not this...

We walked in to the gym and there were strobe lights, a smoke machine, a temporary tattoo station and lots of camo.  There were probably around 75 people there to take the class...most of whom had NO idea what they were getting themselves into (I was DEFINITELY in that group).  The class itself was hard...and very confusing.  I'm certainly not one for choreographed "moves" so let's just say that I was at least 2-3 steps behind for the entire class.   At one point CASCADA came on the speakers so I just jumped around and danced by myself...much to the amusement of the people who turned out to watch from the balcony.

I'm sure I will be immobile tomorrow, so let's hope that no one tries to mess with me because I'll be too sore to defend myself...I would be the easiest kidnap ever.

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