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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor


I cannot believe what happened last night.  Are you KIDDING me! Jason (the bachelor) dumped fiance (Melissa) on National TV and then had the nerve to tell Molly (the rejected woman) that he actually loves her!  It was better than any soap opera  I have ever seen!

Another thing that really bothered me was the amount of crying on the show...by Jason! What is his problem, why is he so emotional-I was embarrassed for him.  Workout dad came down and watched 5 min of the show with me and couldn't understand what his problem was....Even one of the anchors on GMA (we turned GMA on just because we wanted to see their segment on the bachelor...otherwise I am strictly a Today Show girl) said that her husband who is a Marine...called Jason something that couldn't be repeated  on air...

Also-if you were Molly, and you had been rejected on tv, would you take him back that easily?  I would have used that opportunity to say "SEE YOU LATER SUCKER!"  I really liked Molly too, she seemed like a confident girl who doesn't get jerked around by guys...maybe she's a sucker for tears.  My guess is that tonight on "after the final rose" part 2, she gets her act together and dumps him.  (or maybe Jason will propose...with the same ring no less...I can totally see that happening)...

I also really hope that they have Melissa back on the show...she was SOOOO mad, which made for great TV! (calling him a bastard....so great)!

Everyone watch the "After the Final Rose" episode 2 tonight...I want to hear what everyone thinks!


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