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Monday, March 16, 2009


Yay! Spring is here....FINALLY!

It has been sooo beautiful here for the past two days...I have been outside constantly.  Poor workout dog is so tired she can barely stand up (right now she's passed out in her bed).

I just can't get over how happy the weather makes me-I can't stop smiling!  It was so nice this past weekend that workout dad and I ran a 5k road race...which was my idea but quickly became a TON more intense than any road race should be.  My goal was just to finish in under 30 min (for 3.1 miles)...but BT had other plans.  He was super intense and even wanted to warm up and stretch...I was like, "Dad, we are out here with people dressed up as leprechauns (it was a St. Patrick's day theme), I don't think I need to stretch, warm up or wear my pacing monitor etc."

Workout dad is all about times, how fast you can go, what your pace is etc.  I don't care one way or the other but usually just go along with whatever he wants...It's easier that way.  So on Saturday he asked me how fast I wanted to go and I told him that any time under 30 min would be fine with me.  He decided from there that we would run faster than that...our first mile was 7:15...not what I'm used to, but I figured I might as well just go with it (to make it easier for myself the rest of the day...he's more agreeable if you do what he wants first)...needless to say, he didn't let the pace drop so we ended up finishing in 22 minutes...he even convinced me to sprint past someone before the finish line (I felt like such a jerk but BT was loving that...loves any sort of competitive streak).

After that lovely and low-key run (NOT) we went to the irish pub for some beers!  We had a great time and ended up getting free beer glasses for doing the run...don't know what we will do with them, but they were cool at the time.

After that we just hung out for the rest of the day.  Sunday was a lazy day spent at home cleaning the garage (another favorite thing of workout dad's) and lounging around...although it was mostly me lounging and him cleaning...:)


Hope you all had a great weekend!  Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

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