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Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Monday...Wish it were Sunday....

Happy Monday-

I am officially and New Hampshire resident: I bought my first pair of snow boots...or rather, fiance bought me my first pair of snow boots.

They aren't super cute, but they are really warm....and I saw them in a J.Crew magazine picture (they're also available at jcrew.com).

I wore them all weekend in anticipation of snow...to no avail...there's no snow to be seen. I even went out and got a quote for snow tires thinking that it was already late for me to be ordering them, but NOPE, no need for them yet. (Thank goodness because I certainly didn't budget for snow tires, how booring...i'd rather have a new bag, or new shoes...or even a new coat!)

Fiance is actually freaking out a little bit because his business is skiing, as in you need snow! Who wants to buy skis and ski boots when there's no snow on the ground!

I must say that I kind of want the snow to come, it's so cozy and romantic to be snuggled up inside by the fire with the snow falling outside...

I'm sure I'll be feeling differently in April when there's still snow on the ground :)

Here's a pic of my new boots, let me know what you think:

I tried to find a pic of the J.Crew ad, but couldn't...they just looked so cute with a skirt, tights and a puffy vest!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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