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Friday, November 27, 2009

Old School Workout Playlist

Okay, here is the playlist I created for my "old school-themed" Spinning class:

1. Dancing with myself (Billy Idol)
2. It's Still Rock and Roll to me (Billy Joel)
3. You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi)
4. Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
5. Summer of "69 (Bryan Adams)
6. Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast)
7. Love is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)
8. Nothin' but a Good Time (Poison)
9. Start Me Up (Rolling Stones)
10. Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions)
11. Life is a Highway (Tom Cochran)
12. Learning to Fly (Tom Petty)

this playlist is 48 minutes....I taught it in my spin class with an extended cool down. Let me know if you like it!

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