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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recent purchases

Just scored this top for $30 on sale at a local boutique in Hanover.  Can't wait to pair it with my skinny cargo pants and a big thick scarf!
I also got a scarf that's this color but is paisley...couldn't find a pic to put up!  I'm psyched to wear it to work because I have to wear all black every day and I love to spice it up with colorful accessories!

Nothing else to report...just trying to stay nice and warm! It's supposed to get into the negatives tonight (-20!)..cringe!

Hope you're all having a great weekend! XO


  1. I love wearing scarves, they are always a fun accessory to add on! I love the shirt too!

  2. LOVE that shirt!! I think it would look great with a scarf and skinny jeans!

  3. Love that scarf! Negative 20's??? Oh my gosh, I'd die! Literally!! We are at 47 degrees right now and I have the fireplace, two heaters, and sweatpants going! Haha!