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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm back...sorta

So in case you don't read cheerios and beer (which you totally should because Whit is my bff and WAY more fun/funny)...Whitney and I have something super fun up our sleeves...and the big reveal is coming your way on:
I can't tell you what it is yet but I hope you'll be as excited as we are!
Also, this week Kirtie (aka mom) and I have a fun shopping date in Boston on Wed/Thurs! I am so excited because the weather is supposed to be beautiful so I actually get to wear cute summer clothes...no more of this all black, all workout-wear (at least for one day). I decided to put together a little outfit on Polyvore for your viewing pleasure :)
Day Shopping in Boston

Day Shopping in Boston by lteevens featuring a circle necklace
I'll have to take a pic of the outfit in person and you guys can weigh in on what you think- sound good?

Also, I need a fun dinner outfit for Wednesday...can someone please put one together for me?! XO

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  1. Shopping in Boston? Sounds like fun!! And a black maxi is always perfect for running around.