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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Operation Headboard: Complete!

Making the cuts 

Some beverages...yes, we're classy.

One done!


Artistic photo...thanks Instagram.
-Plywood cut to size of twin bed with an extra 1/4" on either side
-Batting (enough for at least three layers per headboard)
-Fabric of your choice (4 yards total worked for us)...we actually got "outdoor canvas" material because it was a little thicker and more durable.
-Industrial staple gun

You also need a good dose of patience because making sure everything is lined up evenly is painstaking, although having a semi-geometric pattern did make that easier.

Total time taken: 2.5 hours
Drinks consumed: me (2 1/2 glasses of wine) hubby (1 beer)...obviously we know who worked more and who "observed" with a drink in their hand :)