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Sunday, February 1, 2009

You know you live in New Hampshire when...

1. You are excited to see double digit temperatures
2. Layering becomes an art form
3. Death by icicle seems like a very real possibility
4. You are the only person in town with blonde hair and believes in using a straightener
5. You are familiar with the "Ugg shuffle"...the sound that everyone makes while wearing them...
6. Women have more body hair than some men
7. People look at you funny when you bust out your own coozie at a bar
8. Said bars close at 12:30
9. The biggest story in the newspaper talks about ice fishing...yes, ICE FISHING...are you freaking kidding me...where's the story about oh I don't know, the SUPER BOWL???!!!!
10. You master "upper valley chic"...jeans, boots and some sort of fleece...
11. Dogs outnumber people
12. The saleswoman looks at you funny when you ask a question about bronzer (you then find yourself giving her a lesson in the art of bronzer)
13. Everyone and their mother drives a Subaru
14. You can buy natural or organic anything...including toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, cleaning products, water bottles...believe me when I say everything...
15. You cannot locate a Starbucks for the life of you
16. Grocery workers send you outside to get your reusable grocery bags (One actually gave me a dirty look when I said I didn't have any...needless to say I was quickly suckered into buying 4)
17. LL Bean wearers outnumber J.Crew wearers...at least 20:1 (me being the one)
18. People look at you funny if you wear a dress...or heels...or...God forbid-BOTH!
19. You ask for sweet tea and they bring you tea and a side of sweet-and-low...NOT THE SAME
20. Bars close at 12:30...did I mention that already?...that one really gets me...
21. PerezHilton.com is a foreign concept...as is personal hygeine...
22. No one values a great tan

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