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Friday, February 27, 2009

Adventures in Snowshoeing

Hello All!

So yesterday, in an effort to get out and enjoy the winter weather (and make the most of m last months at home) I went snowshoeing...yes, snowshoeing...it's very big up here.

It turns out, snowshoeing is quite the workout.  The scenery was very beautiful and I had great company.  I went with Amy, her two dogs Gus and Willet, her neighbors dog (aka Spawn of Satan) and workout dog.  Lots of dogs...but they love the snow! Oh if you could have seen them...they were just so happy running around and putting their faces in the snow...Adorable!

If only workout dog was a better sport...while all the other dogs were having a great time Lucy was hanging in the back and lagging behind. (perhaps she was embarrassed that she was the only one with boots and a coat on...)!  So after walking for about ten minutes and having to stop every so often to call to her to catch up I finally had to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way...(picture me carrying a dog against my chest in a makeshift "snugli")...very pathetic sight. Check her out...can you see her in my vest?!  

In her defense, the "spawn" (Amy's neighbor's puppy) didn't play very nice with workout dog.  He must have thought she was some sort of live toy. He kept beating her with his paws and trying to trample her...had I been in her shoes (or boots!) I probably would have wanted to be carried too.  She totally rode the rest of the way in style...although twice we had to stop and "adjust" her because her boots would stick out the bottom of my vest and she would start slipping!

Check her out...Pathetic!


When we finally got to the end and all of the other dogs were in the car...workout dog decided that she wanted to run around.  That's right...she ran all around and I had to chase her down...NOT COOL....what a little devil.

Needless to say, workout dog will not be invited to snow shoe again. Her loss! I'm going again on Sunday!


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  1. You are so cool. I love the Blog! Totally rocking. Keep up the good work.