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Monday, December 14, 2009

Great Finds

Okay, so this past weekend I went to Chicago! It was a great weekend full of lots of shopping, laughing and (maybe too much) drinking!

On my shopping expeditions I stumbled upon some great gift ideas, Check them out!

Don't you just LOVE kate spade.

Another one of my great finds also comes from Kate Spade...but it's a gift you can give yourself!

For those of you with poor vision (like me :( ) you know how expensive new glasses can be! Upwards of $400-! However, while browsing the reading glasses section at Bloomies, I stumbled upon some adorable reading glasses, for only $65. Then a thought came to me....why not buy those frames and have the optician put in the correct prescription lenses! It was my AHA! moment of month!

The frames I chose are similar to these:

try going to bloomingdales.com to check out a wider variety of styles.

Happy Shopping!


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