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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lucy's new bag

Happy Week before Christmas...!

I was up in Burlington, VT this past weekend and went into the CUTEST store...if you're ever up there it's called Monelle, and it is right on Church Street.

I stopped in to see what was new and low and behold they were having a Kate Spade sale! It must have been fate!

Workout dog also happened to be with me...luckily...because a Kate Spade dog carrier caught my eye! And...It was on SALE!

Take a peek:

I am in LOVE with it, and more importantly, so is Lucy!

Although I must say, I took my time deciding on this purchase. I was with Matt so I saw it, tried it out, then left the store to think about it.

I thought about it for about 10 minutes before we went back in and Matt treated Lucy (and me!) to her new bag.

I am still coming up with more gift ideas so stay tuned...!

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