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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Basic

The L.L. Bean is my absolute favorite basic item to give/receive. It is one of those classic staples that never goes out of style, and better yet - they literally get better with age (softer, more flexible and "worn in").

I bring this item up because in honor of the holiday season, I will be listing my top gift choices for this year.

The classic L.L. Bean tote is good for any occasion: baby shower (fill with baby goodies), bridal shower (monogram with new initials), bridesmaids gifts, new home gift (a realtor friend of mine has these embroidered with the client's last name as a housewarming gift), new boat...it can really fit any situation, and, best of all...It's inexpensive!

L.L. Bean has even updated the line to add more options:
-New colors
-Designs (argyle anyone?)

For more pictures and choices visit www.llbean.com

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