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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Me Room

So, in my quest to turn Matt's house into a female-friendly space (I'm sorry deer-horns, but you need to reconvene in another area of the house...perhaps the barn?). So far my efforts have been focused on one of the guest rooms upstairs off of the master bedroom. Last weekend Matt and I painted the walls and trim...and, if I say so myself, it looks phenomenal.

This weekend was devoted to decorating the room. For the bed I put all new crisp white sheets and pillowcases on, along with a nice crisp white duvet cover. Next, I put an adorable Shabby Chic (for Target) quilt on the end of the bed. The end result: effortless comfort. It looks like a bed you could just dive right in and take a nap on.

After the bed was made, I moved some things around, and put all of my purses in a huge antique-looking basket, which looks very chic if I say so myself.

I really feel like my "shabby chic dressing room/office" is coming to life. This morning after reading some of my book on the bed (while Matt fought with our new t.v.) I folded laundry on my adorable bed while listening to Taylor Swift on the iPod speakers I put in yesterday. Folding laundry is a whole new experience in that room....I feel like I could do it all day!

Here are some pictures of rooms/items that inspired my Me room:

I ADORE nice big classic storage baskets

Nice lamps make the lighting warm and inviting, I also have the overhead light on a dimmer, which really makes the room feel so cozy.

Lastly, the main inspiration...Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic philosophy...perfection.


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