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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Is it bad that one of my favorite things about Valentine's Day is the candy? Those candy hearts are my drug...I LOVE THEM. It's a problem, 3 times this week I have bought a bag of them and eaten all of the green and purple ones...3 times!

I have got to get a grip...I can't just be eating candy like it grows on trees...or can I? I can't help it, those candies must have a little bit of crack in them...how else can I explain my desperate need for them.

Does anyone else have a problem like this...I must have been the main character in Candyland in my last life because I love candy more than any child I know. Oh and I'm not really into the "good candy" like Godiva Chocolate or anything else respectable, No, I prefer bottom shelf candy like: Nerds, Swedish Fish (although those sound fancy), Sweet Tarts, Sweet Hearts (!), Bazooka Bubble Gum...you get the picture.

I think I need help...suggestions anyone? A good dentist perhaps?

Maybe I'd be better off if those little candies said nasty things like, "don't eat me" or "I'll give you cellulite"...maybe that would make me think before I shove them in my mouth with reckless abandon.

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  1. i just bought my first box of candy hearts....i will "set aside" the purple and green ones...xo