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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Heart Jonathan Adler

Have you ever been to the Jonathan Adler Web site? I hadn't until this weekend. It's AMAZING.  I literally would buy everything on the site...even stuff that isn't typically my taste!  Check out these gems I found:
Love...can't you just picture a L & M in the middle of a couch!
 World's cutest needlepoint sunglasses case....

So mad I just got my iPhone 4....they don't have covers for those yet :(

Moving on, how was the rest of everyone's weekend?  Mine was fab, Dartmouth won again (2-0 baby)! Also had a nice outing at my favorite store...Target.  Found some great notecards and other goodies. I swear you can't leave that store without buying something, it's impossible.

Lots of good games this weekend, first Dartmouth then the Gators had a big win over Kentucky! Did anyone see UCLA upsetting Texas...that came from nowhere.  

Next post: house pics! I've been working hard at getting settled into the house and I'm finally ready to show some more rooms!


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  1. Oooh! Can't wait to see the new pics... Which rooms have you been working on?