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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Room at Boys Camp Road

Our Football Schedule Chalkboard...keeping track of Dartmouth and Gator games! Underneath is a bar that hubby built...it has built in racks for wineglasses
New couch...with coffee table (also built by hubby) New curtains (beige ikat fabric) are on order for the big window!  Rug courtesy of Homegoods.
View from behind the couch...the kitchen is to the right and the dining room is off to the left.  The fireplace is nice and cozy in the winter...a great place to cuddle up and read magazines and books.




  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Boys Camp. When I get a house I am hiring you and Hubby to decorate. Love you and miss you!


  2. LOVEEEEEE it! So precious - and the chalkboard/gameboard is just adorable!

  3. Everything looks great - where are you getting the curtains?

  4. Love it!! Love following your blog :) xo