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Monday, October 18, 2010

The perfect classic

There's something to be said about a ballerina bun.  It can easily class up any outfit...whether ballgown or sweaty gym clothes, and as my hair is getting longer, the easier it is to throw up the perfect messy bun.

All it took was a quick google to prove my point:

I even chose this perfect hairstyle for my wedding:
 It just works perfectly for every occasion, and you know what, The messier the better...how many things can you say that about!

Happy Monday Everyone



  1. With a 4 year old now in ballet, I have now perfected the bun.. but if it were in my hair, I love a little messy too..now to get MY hair long enough! xo

  2. Lindsay, I am bringing my wedding pic...I had that same bun and that was 40 years ago ! Can't wait to see all of you ! Love, Sefanie