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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Accomplishments

1. Survived a 7-hour bus ride with the Dartmouth Football team.
    -Highlight: Watching "Stepbrothers" with both players and coaches cracking up
    -Lowlight: Lot's of farting, burping and smellyness coming from the back of the bus

2. Found jeans that are AMAZING.  Have you ever found a pair of jeans that when you put them on you feel like a movie star...I tried on some Paige jeans on a whim and fell in love.  They are so amazing that I bought them in two colors and am considering selling all my other jeans and getting more...yes, they're THAT good.  Skinny jean fit with a flare at the bottom...they look so cute with clogs :)

3. Addressed all of my Christmas cards...(thank you 7-hour bus ride).  I can't wait to post it up here so you can all check it out!

4. Found an item for my Christmas list: Chan Luu bracelet...now I just need to figure out what color I want. I'm leaning towards black with pearls, thoughts? Check out all color combos here: http://www.chanluu.com/
5. Finally indulged in one of these: Grey cableknit "snood" from J.Crew. It updates any outfit and gives you the perfect "scarf look"...you know, like you just threw it on and it automatically fluffed itself ...so chic

6. Drank too much wine because....

7.  WE CRUSHED PRINCETON!!!!!!   31-0

Princeton, N.J. -- They screamed with joy, hugged each other with all their strength and dumped a cooler of melting ice on their coach as he gave a victory speech to a television reporter. Dartmouth's football players relished every minute of their 31-0 victory over Princeton yesterday, a season-ending triumph that gave the Big Green its first winning season in 13 years and its first shutout since 1996.
read more here:

I think that just about wraps up my weekend! I hope that everyone else enjoyed theirs as well...


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  1. sounds like a fabulous weekend! =) those bracelets are beautiful!