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Sunday, November 7, 2010

weekend purchases

I hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend...I did! Dartmouth and Florida won AND I scored these great purchases :)

New fur vest (I've been looking for one FOREVER and finally found one I love!) It's a 525 America rabbit fur vest...the perfect size and fit to go over a cute long sleeve top or thin sweater...can't wait to wear it.

The second thing is a pair of J Brand Houlihan Skinny Cargo pants in an olive green...I put up two pics of them above...thoughts?!!

Also, thanks to my bff Amy, I am currently addicted to the following 3 Songs:
1. Country Strong (Gwyneth Paltrow...who knew she sang country)!
2. Rhythm of Love (Plain White Ts)
3. The Only Exception (Paramore)


  1. I have the J Brand pants in Olive. Best purchase ever... Apparently all the celebs are wearing them, or at least that's what the saleswoman told me when I bought them...