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Monday, October 10, 2011

Diet 0, Lindsay 0

so far so good with the "diet".  I use the quotation marks because I'm only aiming to lose a few pounds...my real goal is to just step up the nutrition and learn to cut back on the sugar (read: candy).

I had a minor issue when i consulted my new App: Lose it (see pic below) and realized that I wasn't eating enough...Love that problem!

I'm using this app in place of a food diary because it has all the nutritional info already in it for most food...major plus!

Of course there is an end goal to this little project...I want to look leaner and feel better (aka not tired all day)...oh, and there's this little motivation right here:

long and lean...and blonde (always a bonus)...thanks Pinterest

Oh and these are good inspiration pics as well:  Happy Monday All! XO

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  1. Girl I love how you're aiming to be 'healthier', not just 'thinner'!! Though, let's be real, you already look great anyways! :) But I'm with ya on this one! Just gotta stop eatin' all that chocolate!! haha