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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So What Wednesday Returns!

Okay, so I am on Day 3 of this "diet" and am a little cranky about it.  I should have thought about what week I started this thing...if you know what I mean.  I'm struggling because I want to eat everything in sight (and out of sight for that matter...I know there's candy in those cupboards).  So here goes my "so whats"

1. So what if I eat a million pieces of sugarless gum...I'm trying to trick myself into thinking I'm not hungry
2. So what if those pics of skinny girls and athletic girls aren't motivating me...I seem to be a lost cause today
3. So what if I go under my desk and take a nap...I'm alone in my office all week
4. So what if I want to tell all my co-workers (excluding my favs) to shut up when they come into my office to ask me for something.  I don't actually do it...although today I am tempted...
5. So what if all I can think about is food...that's what a diet is supposed to do to you right?  Make you think about all the things you can't have!

I believe that's all I have for you today folks...see you back here later XO

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