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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fancies

Fall!  Some days I wished I lived somewhere where you can really fashion it up...this is an outfit I'd love to sport someday....but probably not up here in NH.

So I realized that this dress may actually look like a top (good call whit)...but it is indeed a dress.  I wanted to show a luxury side of dressing for fall and felt that this dress along with fur vest, chunky accessories and booties fit the bill.  The neutral color palate is spiced up with a shiny red lip!  I think that my overall favorite thing about this outfit is a tie between the vest and the mini-antler brooch that's hiding on the vest.  Anything with antlers makes me think of hubby and I thought it was fun to incorporate something like that into this outfit!

Dressy Fall


  1. would you wear any pants??

    i love you! ha :)

  2. This is perfect! Very New York, but I say rock it in NH! Love our style brain waves with the vest and ring!
    Happy Friday Girl!

  3. great outfit lady!
    love those shoes.

    have a great weekend