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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me vs. Everyone Else

So as soon as I mentioned to a few people that I was thinking of trading my car in for a prius I got a ton of reactions...almost all negative. "Really?!" "WTF" "You'll look like a band geek". They all clearly don't share the same vision as me...I'm picturing myself in a cute black prius with a sunroof, an iPod hookup, heated seats for winter...and wearing my go-to cute outfits...something just like below:
Cool Prius

Cool Prius by lteevens featuring aviator sunglasses
All of my friends clearly have a different vision in mind...something more like this:

dorky prius

Anyone else want to weigh in on the Prius?


  1. Lindsay, I love the prius! Especially in black :) GO FOR IT!

  2. You know I am all for it girl! Black on black!!