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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gym to dinner

Gym to dinner

Gym to dinner by lteevens featuring a denim jacket
So I'm pretty sure that you've figured out that I work at a gym, which means that I'm pretty much in workout clothes all day. This might sound cool but it's a total pain in the ass when you want to grab a drink or dinner with the hubby or some friends and you don't want to wear workout clothes! Hence my handy stash of a scarf, flats and a light sweater/jacket. Add some bronzer, poof the ponytail and I'm good to go! (granted this is NH and super casual is totally standard...I mean I just got rid of almost all my cocktails dresses because I've lived here for 3+ years and never worn one!)
What do you do in a pinch to get ready to go out?

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  1. I'm about ready to start living in gym clothes... my weird pregnancy belly is not liking normal clothes right now. So I'm going to start dressing up gym clothes like this, ha ha :)