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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The most dramatic rose ceremony yet...

Ha!  Ali is gone...she chose her job over Jake.  But  here's what I'm thinking, if Jake is the kind of guy who is interested in Vienna (trashy, doesn't play well with others), then he probably wouldn't end up with someone like Ali (classy, smart, grounded) anyways.

So let's all move on.

Who do you think he WILL choose...I think that he may be ending up with little miss twinkle toes...aka Tenley (did anyone else find the dance extremely awkward to watch).  She seems to make him feel manly and in charge...whereas Vienna and Gia want to boss him around...something that he probably finds attractive now, but won't in a few years.

For anyone who missed the cringe-worthy dance routine by Tenley, I looked for it on YouTube but couldn't find it! I'll keep looking and post it when I find it. 

What are your thoughts on last night's episode?! Should Ali have left?

Oh by the way...here's a dreamy picture of Jake...(your welcome).


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