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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photos from the engagement party!

Decor and people photos from the big party!
The bar...many a good drink was had at this party thanks to the fab. bar and bartender!


Girls photo...the little one in white is the one who asked about licking a hobo's foot...just an FYI...

Matt's dad (just in from Jamaica) and two lovely ladies fighting over the "first impression rose"**

The two fams...and yes, the man in the navy sweater is the mysterious, seldom seen BT...

End of the night photo...this was at 12am...we had our own afterparty!!!!! Love the Teevens Fam...


  1. ah i should just photo shop my face in there! miss you!

  2. Thanks for posting these, Lindsay! You guys are just gorgeous. Looks like a lot of fun. So sad we couldn't be there.... xo Rachel, James & Lucy