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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wedding Invites to DIE for

As I sit here at my desk, I go through my usual "get to work" routine.  I get my coffee, I check my email, then...I check my "news"...aka my fav. blogs!

On this lovely morning I found myself on http://beautifulpaper.typepad.com/oh_so_beautiful_paper/ where they have recently posted some wedding invitations that are AMAZING.  The typography is fab and the vintage feel is so chic.

Isn't that writing to die for...I am loving that right now. And how cool are those stamps?! The presentation is fantastic, it's like a favor in itself.

Okay, enough ogling other people's invitations...I need to get back to work (aka work on having handwriting like that) and then it's time for my first....ENGAGEMENT PARTY!  I am so excited...I haven't picked out my outfit quite yet...but I'm sure there will be a fashion show of sorts when I get home to my mom, aunt and cousins!!!


Oh, and you can bet that Lucy has a party outfit...two words: Valentine's Sweater.

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