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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Have any of you checked out the new issue of Lonny?!  If not, go immediately to www.lonnymag.com to look it over.  It's fab.

I personally am currently infatuated with work-spaces.  Kirtie and I may have a little something up our sleeves and I am desperate to create a chic workspace for the two of us to enjoy.  Below are some pictures from Lonny that I adore and will try my hardest to emulate (in my own style of course!)

Here's what I love about the photos below:
1. The creativity...seen in the inspiration boards, the use of color and photos
2. The color!  Kirtie and I both love color and the use of the bright colors in both walls and fabrics are right up our alley...I'm thinking of framing fabric swatches and arranging them in a "collage" of sorts on an accent wall
3. Photos...the just make a work space seem more personal and intimate.

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