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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Season is over

Football season is over and I have to say that I'm a tad bit relieved.  It's been a season of highs and lows, much like any other season, but for some reason I feel particularly glad to have the off-season upon us.
Football Chick from an early age
Having grown up in this wild, crazy profession they call coaching, I should be used to these ups and downs...but you know what: it never gets any easier.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my life and childhood for anything, but having your dad as a coach can be a trying thing.

A few of the ups and downs of the season:
-Starting off the season 2-0...such a fantastic way to start the season off. People come up and congratulate you, wish you luck etc.
-An overtime loss to eventual Ivy League Champion Penn...suddenly everyone seems to have an opinion on what plays should be called and when.  It takes all of my self-restraint not to come up with a smart-ass comment as to why they feel that sitting in the stands qualifies them to second-guess every play call.
-Big win against non-conference rival Holy Cross...exciting but also emotionally exhausting.  Game came down to final 10 seconds on the clock...Dartmouth blocks a field goal and we win! Exciting right?!   More like exciting/sickening/exhausting all at once.
-Homecoming against Harvard.  Hubby and I host a kickin' tailgate...only downside is that we lose the game and those same people who were congratulating you earlier are now first in line to tell you "what went wrong" and "what the coach should have done differently" as if they've been spending hours upon hours away from their families and going over tape like the coaches they're criticizing!
-End of season comes on a high note as we win our final two games, including posting a shut-out in the final game against Princeton!

Major High Note: The Season is OVER...and we have a winning record, first time in 13 years!!!!!

I actually feel a little bit relieved after writing this post...the season is just such an emotional time and there are times where the only person I want to talk to about it is my mom.  We have been through so much in this sick profession together and she seems to be the only person who understands how I'm feeling...including now, when I should be feeling ecstatic and instead I feel relief.
Mom and I at a Dartmouth game...early 1990s
 We are lucky this year, BT has a new contract and lots of momentum going into recruiting.  Other coaches, not so much.  I always cringe as the season winds down because I know what comes next, firing.  This year was no exception, literally the day after the season 4 head coaches found themselves unemployed and broadcast across the nation.  Can you even imagine finding yourself out of work and having it as a topic of conversation on ESPN.  This is the hardest on the families...and having been through it myself, I don't wish this on anyone.  Having people weighing in on your dad's shortcomings is completely disheartening.  They build you up but tear you down twice as fast.
Brother and I...!
 I know that this is quite a change of post from my typical,  but it's something I wanted to get off my chest.  I'll be back to normal tomorrow I promise!

BT's number 1 fan


  1. You are such an amazing and supportive daughter Lindsay. Congrats to Buddy on the winning season!! I love this post.

  2. Even though you know I am not anonymous I want you to know how much I felt every word you said...college athletics is hard, the rewards great and the downside as well. I hope you are feeling peace in this off- season sweetie!!! Enjoy your husband, your home and your new life...You and your mother DESERVE it !!! Love, stefanie