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Monday, December 27, 2010

Totally Bummed Out

Okay, I'm going to paint you a visual right here: 
I just spent my very first Christmas away from my family at my in-laws, which was hard since I'm so close to my family, but I get through it knowing that two days after Christmas the hubby and I are going down to FLA to have Christmas with MY family.

We get home yesterday and proceed to check the weather forecast, which looks bleaker than bleak...a huge blizzard is sweeping New England.  Nonetheless we (I say we, but really mean hubby) spend no less than 3 hours on hold multiple times for JetBlue to find out what we should do.  Our 8:30am flight on Monday is still showing up as available...should we stick with that or try and haul-ass to Boston for the Sunday evening flight?!  After NO help from the JetBlue staff (who, I'm sure are completely over-worked at this point) and some continuous weather watching, we see that ALL flights out of New England are delayed...then cancelled all-together. 

We hold out hope that the weather will clear and we can get out Monday morning.  Picture me holding out hope in a total death-grip.  I am fighting back tears as I watch the weather channel, thinking "How can this be happening to me" (dramatic, I know).  Nonetheless, hubby and I cheerfully (thanks to some wino) start packing our bags with some warm-weather goodies.  Hubby occasionally asks me how I'm doing (trying to brace himself for a breakdown) to which I reply, "Oh I'm good, this storm will totally blow over by tomorrow, I just know it".

We continue this routine until around 11pm, when, after watching countless hours of the Weather Channel and more hours on hold with the airline, we see IT.  OUR FLIGHT IS CANCELLED...along with every other flight for the next 2 days flying into or out of NE.

I try my hardest to keep my chin up...I don't cry (even though I want to) and settle down in bed with the Lu and hubby and fall asleep (still holding out a little hope that we will make it down there).  I don't sleep that well because of all the plow trucks going down our street (it really was a blizzard!)...when I finally roll out of bed, after repeatedly trying to sleep all day, I get up and see approximately 2 ft. of snow has fallen overnight.

At this point, I wander downstairs to see hubby...bless his heart, he feels terrible.  He keeps apologizing like it is his fault...he must think I'm crazy and would blame this on him! (no comment here) :)

It's final.  No chance of flying out until Thursday at the latest.  So much for finally taking some time off of work for an actual vacation. To warm weather. To be with my favorite people in the world.

I am trying to hold back tears but I am at a loss. This totally stinks.

I went from going here:
to here:


The bright side...which I'm trying really hard to see, is that I can have hubby spend some more time teaching me to ski, which also means that I can wear my new helmet and goggles I got for Christmas!

Happy Monday


  1. awww sweetie! =/ I'm sorry your plans to come down here to FL didn't work out! that is A LOT of snow! At least when you get here at the end of the week it will have finally warmed up =)

  2. oh sweetie, sooo sorry. I know how sad your Mama is as well.....love you!

  3. I am soorrrry that you didn't get to make it home for Christmas (although I am sure at this point in time you may or may not be tired of people telling you that!)

  4. Ohhhh Lindsay. That does suck, I'm not going to lie. I can't even imagine not being with my family for Christmas, so i can't understand how you feel. But the least I can do is leave a sympathy message.