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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Review

Here are my thoughts, in random order:

I mean, how amazing does J-Hud look...I can't get over her figure- she looks out of this world! The color on her is perfection.  The only criticism I had was...maybe put a push-up bra on- those guys are looking a little low
Halle Berry is Drop Dead Gorgeous...that dress is TDF as is her flawless makeup and choice of minimal jewelry (Can I get those earrings...hello!) 

This is her way of saying...Gabriel, don't mess with me.  Everyone loves me and if you dare take me to court your ass is back to Canada...xo Halle
Mixed feelings on this dress...my aunt and kirtie hated it, but I think that if anyone can pull this dress off, it's Cate Blanchet.  I can't decide if the dress is wearing her or she's just super tiny and trying to carry it off.

Love the dress, love the hair.  Hate the necklace...just wondering why she/stylist felt it was necessary to add that...I think the bracelet would have been enough on its own.

In your face Jesse James.  I look damn good.  
love, Sandra

I do not love this dress...the color is beautiful, her hair is cute but the dress is all wrong.  Maybe I'm just mad that she broke up with Ryan Reynolds...

Reese looks perfect.  She had hands down, my favorite hair of the night...maybe of the year!  I love that she chose a simple dress with simple lines. Can't wait to see what she chooses for her wedding!

Natalie looks beautiful.  She looks classic and glowing, that color is gorgeous on her...it was totally her night and she worked it.

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  1. Totally agree with you on ALL of your comments. Loved Amy Adams dress...thought the necklace looked totally out of place? And was not into Scarlett's look at all (maybe because I'm not her biggest fan! haha). Another dress I LOVED was Mila Kunis. She is so exotic looking - love her.