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Friday, February 18, 2011


Sorry I've been out of posting for a while...I just found out that I have the flu :(

Since I'm bed-bound for the next few days, does anyone have any movie rental suggestions, tv show suggestions, basically any entertainment ideas!!!!!  I'm going stir crazy...and hubby won't get near me because he doesn't want to get sick.

At least I have my trusty companion Lu...who won't leave my side.  She had to be dragged outside this morning by hubby to go to the bathroom!


  1. awww I hope you feel better!!

    Hulu.com has lots of stuff! or go on Bravotv.com you can watch full episodes of shows! sex and the cityyy..Or go on StumbleUpon.com..definately a cool website! orrr spokeo.com you can do quizzes on tv shows/movies/anything!

    haha sorry for the overload in suggestions but you might need them if you are bed ridden!

    feel betta love! :)


  2. aww sweet girl!! i hope you get to feeling better!!
    When I was sickest, I stayed on my couch for 3 days and finally got to feeling better. I like to read or watch reruns of Grey's Anatomy =)

  3. sweeeet LU :) I hope you get to feeling better!
    Get your little remote control and blanket and sunggle in to Bravo, ET, and talk shows! I think Oprah is supposed to be a good one today?

    As far as rentals go:
    Get a comedy :)

  4. Mizzle is the same way when I am sick... Aren't animals great? The eternal snugglers!