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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flirting with temptation Thursday

  I'm linking up with Kori from Blonde Episodes today for:
Flirting with Temptation Thursday
As you can see, I'm constantly being tempted by sweaters! They are just so cozy and can be fun to style differently...plus the weather up here in NH is getting cooler!  Check out what I'm lusting over today:

Sweaters are all from: Anthropologie, Saks, J. Crew and more from Saks.


  1. Hi Sweetheart! Just stopping by from Blonde Episodes & of course, have to show some love & see everyone's "temptations" =). And yours...LOVIN' me some cozy sweaters! =) If you're free tomorrow...I'd LOVE for you to link up with me for my "Friday Favorites"! =) Would love to welcome you! Have a beautiful night! XO
    Calling All Dolls!

  2. I LOVE sweaters! this is why fall is my favorite season!

  3. Love these!!! Thanks for linking up today honey! Kori xoxo