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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a thought

Have any of you ever wanted something so much for someone else that you were constantly thinking that you would forgo anything great that happened to you so it could happen to that other person instead?  Or have you ever thought that you'd take all the bad stuff so that the other person could have all the good stuff?

That's kinda how I've been feeling this week.  As you know, Dartmouth didn't come out of last weekend with a win (super bummer) and BT was not thrilled.  I finally am figuring out how to put my feelings into words about that.  I honestly haven't seen him that upset in a while...and it got me to thinking. 

Thinking this exact thing: When the hell are things going to go his way.  He works harder than anyone I know and constantly seems to be fighting an uphill battle WTF.  We (and yes I say "we" because our family puts almost as much into this as he does) saw a glimpse of success in the first game...everything seemed to be falling into place. People were excited and talking about the football team (something that hadn't happened in years).
Yup...me and BT at Dartmouth the first time...circa 1989

Then last weekend happened and everyone was doubting again...we took steps backward.  Almost everywhere I've gone this week people have asked me what happened..."we thought you guys were good this year".  Ah, music to my ears...not.

Here's what really got me thinking this week.  I've had kind of a crappy week so far (work etc.) but I'd be willing to take a week 100 times worse if it meant that BT and the team could have 4 hours of good on Saturday.  Yep, you heard me right.  I'd take a totally sucky week if it meant that the football team could have a big fat win on Saturday.

I'll set the stage for you all now:  Picture this...Dartmouth football has never held a night game at home.  We just got lights installed this year, and for the first time we are hosting a night game AT HOME under the lights.  There are signs up all over the community, a banner across Main Street (thanks to Kirtie) and dozens of road signs going in and out of Hanover.  People are actually talking about this game...they are saying it might be sold out!  This is the first time since I moved back that there is a "buzz" around Dartmouth Football...and I'd give up anything to make sure that these players and coaches get to experience some positive energy and satisfaction for all of their hard work!

Tell me I'm not alone in thinking like this...that I'm not stupid for wanting to take all the bad luck in order to give someone I love all the good luck.

Hope you all had fab Wednesdays...XO


  1. i will be totally sending my good vibes to hanover this weekend.

    love you.


  2. I think that lots of parents feel exactly that way about their children. You are a GREAT daughter :)
    We'll be cheering this weekend- xo P

  3. Your compassion is one of your best qualities in my book! Love that you are finding ways to express these feelings. GO TEAM!