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Monday, September 26, 2011

Just another manic monday...

I know you started singing that song in your head when you read that.  Don't lie.

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend but I was busy and bummed...which doesn't make for great posts.  I was busy because Kirtie and I drove down to CT to watch Dartmouth play. I was bummed because Dartmouth lost...and my hair was frizzy.

We left town around 1pm and had every intention of driving to Greenwich to shop (we had the stores all picked out) when we hit rain...lots of it.  Literally what should have been a 3 hour drive turned into a 5 1/2 hour drive...which means that shopping didn't happen.  We ended up finally getting to the hotel around 5:45 and realized that all of the stores closed at 6pm...bummer.  So instead of shopping in beautiful and chic Greenwich, we had wine and watched a football game at Bertucci's next to our hotel.

Oh, then when we got back to the hotel we had to cater to BT's "pre-game rituals"...meaning the room was super cold and in the morning there was no loud talking or jamming to tunes because he was going over the game plan.  Oh the other thing...ESPN wasn't working.  What hotel that is hosting 75 football players/coaches etc. loses their ESPN channel...not cool.

Moving on...Gameday started off okay...we dressed up as cute as possible for the weather (rainy and humid), sprayed the shit out of our hair so it wouldn't "fro" up and headed to the tailgate (with a mini stop at a TJ Max).

Tailgate was fun...game was not so fun.  We lost...and it was ugly.  I haven't seen BT that mad in years (literally at least 3 years)...needless to say we got the heck out of there as soon as we said bye to him.

Moving on to Sunday...I went to 2...yes TWO auctions.  One benefitted the United Way and was a "purse" auction...the other benefitted the Hanover Rec. Dept. and I went to it for work.  I'm now officially done with auctions for the rest of the year.  Those things are LONG...and I was still depressed about the game the day before...let's just say it was hard to keep a smile on my face.

All of this brings me to today...Monday....I am a tired and cranky girl today.  All I want is my bed and a big fat glass of water (and perhaps some MNF).

Hope you all had fun weekends...at least the Gators won!!! Woohoo for that!

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