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Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm losing it

Like seriously, I'm losing it.  There were a few times today where I completely forgot what I was supposed to be doing or what I was talking about.  I'm going to blame it on the increase in medication but not sure how much longer that excuse is going to work...

All I can do is laugh about it.  Here's a good one from today...I made cookies last night for 2 hours for a cookie exchange today.  I brought them carefully into work, made sure that no one ate any or even peeked at them...only to forget the f-ing cookies and lock them in my office.  I had to have freaking maintenance come and let me back into the office to get the damn cooks! 

Oh, and before that I was supposed to let the cat into the barn for the day...so I did...only not really because it turns out she was locked in the mudroom for 12 hours today...oops. Sorry Kitty!

The only thing that I seem to do without issue is go on Pinterest...so off I go...but not before I leave you with something I found on there just now:

love that sign...maybe soon I'll actually be able to have wine again.  Oh, and by have wine I mean have more than a 1/2 glass- that's not even really having wine- that's tasting it.  BOO!

Happy Monday Peeps! XOX

Totally not trying to gain sympathy in these posts...just trying to make light of everything so I don't get all freaked out...I mean being able to laugh at things like this are what makes it easier to stand!

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  1. Oh my God I've had one of those days too. I've been so all over the place! I couldn't focus on ANYTHIN for the life of me. AND I hate forgetting stuff in the fridge at work...I used to go pick up groceries during the day at my old job (it was a really small office) and leave them in the fridge. Sometimes on Friday afternoon I'd forget them and be with out them all weekend :(

    Here's to hoping for a better week...with some yummy wine :)