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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pre-New Year's Resolution

Stop spending unnecessary money!  Hubby and I are in the midst of something exciting (no, I'm not preggo) and I want to show him that I can in fact save money.  I took a peek at my credit card bill this past month...there were definitely some items on there that were not absolutely necessary (everyone needs 3 new pairs of lululemon pants right?!)...so I am really going to make an effort to buy only things I need. (at least for now).

I even went to far as to download a "money-saving" app (it was free...hubby already asked) called mint.  Check it out...it's actually really cool and eye-opening, especially because it breaks down your expenditures into categories and allows you to see what area (groceries, taxes, shopping etc.) you spend the largest % of money on.

Anywhoo...I know you all don't care about my finances but you might care to hear what I'm eliminating (again, at least for now)...mani/pedi's.  I've seen all these cool pictures on Pinterest (thank god that's free) of people doing their own nails and I think that I can certainly do that as well...plus I like my nails short with no frills (re: acrylics etc.)

Here are some "inspiration pics" (yes, i'm very into inspiration pics/collages etc. Get over it)
Love a good gray...especially in the winter

Pink is always a staple...what is it that Jackie O used to say... "Your nails should always be red and your toes the color of ballet slippers"...or something to that effect.

a great 'how-to' on nail painting...it really works (i tried)

love this fun glitter for NYE!

Hope you all had very happy Hump Days! Oh, and just so I'm not a liar, here's my "inspiration board"
laugh all you want but guess who got a new diamond anniversary band...

 All images via Pinterest


  1. I love it! And i'm with you lady I need to bring it in on the spending. Here's to both of us spending less and saving more!

  2. what?? a new band?? i am SO pumped to see it.

    and i love mint.com. i have been using it for a while and it really helps. my starbucks trips have been cut down. not so much my alcohol purchases though.


  3. Linds - you got me thinking and I realized I'm spending almost $150 a month on my nails with manis or gel manis and deluxe pedis. So, after reading your post, I'm down to just two mid-range pedis a month now. My nails always chip three days after a manicure anyway, so why not just do it at home! I'll be moral support on this one for you!!

  4. "Think Thrifty" Its wallet friendly AND good for the environment! Congrats on the new ring, I'd love to see a pic. P.S. I loved the x-mas card picture of you three. xoxo